‘Puter Update

Woo Hoo!  After nearly a month, Bitey and I are back on our old computer!  If you are praying folks, please pray that my repair fixed whatever was wrong, so that now we can get back to work.  It is so nice to have a keyboard again!

Cairn terrier sits among the trees.

This photo brings back pleasant memories of cool shady spots to rest.  Like most of you in the US, we are in the middle of a heatwave, and we are cooking!  It seems like there is no shade anywhere.  I hate to wish the summer away, but days like this make Bitey and me look forward to Fall.

The Very Bad Week

Bwahaha!  Bee laughs as it flies away.

Woman turns on light, and it breaks.

God bless it!

You lost my domain?  How do you lose a domain?

Crash.  Tinkle.

On your tail too?  You've got to be kidding me!

Puppy with his noodle dog.

Would you like my stuffy, Mummy?  It always makes me feel better.

Yes, I really would like your stuffy!

Yes, all of these things really did happen…including the crashing computer.  For right now, we are limited to posting from a tablet.  That is why the pictures are so dark.  Keep your fingers crossed that we are up and running again soon!