Thanksgiving Reprieve

In case you were wondering, Geordie got a reprieve from having to eat seaweed and tofu for Thanksgiving.  (Mommy had some, however.)  He got plenty of samples from Grandma’s table like the chicken, stuffing and mashed potatoes he had been hoping for. Bowl of seaweed and tofu.

Seaweed and tofu.

I had hoped that having Thanksgiving goodies would put Geordie in a good mood.  Perhaps cause him to feel contented and to lie down and take a nap.  Did it work?  No!  Having table food only made him more bossy and obnoxious.  He spent the rest of the evening yelling at me and poking me in the leg trying to convince me to give him more treats.  Perhaps I should have given the seaweed after all….Dog leaps for joy at not having to eat seaweed for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving at Our House

Mom, it's Thanksgiving. What are we having for supper? Tonight's meal was inspired by Japanese cuisine...

Ach, not more of that health food crap! I want turkey! I want stuffing! I want mashed potatoes!!!

And people in hell want ice water. You live with me, and I have food allergies, so you'll eat what I eat.

Now, would you like some tofu with your seaweed? Yes please.

While we probably will have seaweed and tofu with our Thanksgiving meal, I anticipate us also having fish and cabbage.  Maybe not a typical Thanksgiving feast, but good nonetheless.  (Yea, right.)

If Geordie could have his way, though, he would always be eating with Grandma and Grandpa.  They eat things like burgers and pizza and popcorn.  All the goodies he can’t get at home.

One thing I miss in this lifetime is that no one will ever say, “Ah, nobody could cook “X” as well as Bitey’s Mom!”  Everyone – dogs, humans and even swans – turn their noses/beaks up at my food.  (Heck, I would too, if I had a choice.)



Of Socks and Booties

When Geordie was a tiny pup, he would call to me from his kennel to let me know he had to pee in the middle of the night.  I would run over to him to acknowledge that I heard him, then I would tell him that I had to go get socks to put on before we could go outside.  I would hurry to the dresser, grab a pair of socks and put them on where he could see me.  Being a smart pup, he very quickly learned what “socks” were.  That was one of his first words.

Crocheted white baby booties with pink roses.A week or so ago, I was working, and Geordie wanted to see what I was doing.  I was making a pair of crocheted baby booties for my shop.  I held a bootie up for him to see and told him I was making “little socks”.  He got such an excited look on his face and ran over to the laundry where he tapped a pair of my socks with his paw.  I am not positive what he was trying to tell me, but I found his enthusiasm infections.: – )

Cairn terrier wearing Dorothy costume and little red socks/booties.

I named this picture, “I am sooo gonna bite you”.

On his second Halloween, I dressed Geordie as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.  While he didn’t mind the clothes so much, he despised the bow and the booties.  He ripped them off in seconds.  For months they were his favorite “toys” to throw around the house.

If you would like to see more of the booties, please click the following link:  Lace Baby Booties with Rose Accents.

Or you can visit my shop at:  Needful Things of Salem.

Bitey Dog Lunch Bag!

Bitey Dog Cairn Terrier Lunch Bag

Bitey Dog getting some fresh air on an Autumn Day.

Btey Dog Cairn Terrier Lunch Bag.

Bitey Dog hiding in the flowers.

Bitey Dog Cairn Terrier Lunch Bag with Fall flowers.

Bitey Dog enjoying a Fall centerpiece.

Bitey dog Cairn Terrier Lunch Bag looks out of the window.

Bitey siting and looking out of the window….just like real Bitey Dog.

Puppy looking out of door.

And here is real Bitey Dog!

Bitey dog Cairn Terrier Lunch Bag looks up.

Here is a view of our pups that we know so well…looking up at us as we cook dinner.

After I made a Bitey Dog lunch bag for myself several months ago, many people said that they wished they could have one too.  Thinking to share my love of these little terriers with others, I decided to make a few to sell in my store.  If you would like to read more about them, or would like to purchase one, just click on any of the pictures or on the link below.

Bitey Dog Cairn Terrier Lunch Bag, Handmade

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