Monster Under the Bed

Stubborn Cairn terrier refuses to come out from under the bed.

I was a bad dog

And growled at my Mom

When finally the time came

To pee on the lawn.

She says that now I can’t sleep

Under her bed.

I’ll have to go sleep

In my kennel instead.

Cairn terrier pup howls when he is sent to his kenne.

It’s not the same if I’m forced to go in here!

I couldn’t believe it.  Mr. “I Have to Pee All the Time” refused to go out in the morning to take care of business.  Instead, he growled and snapped at me to leave him alone.  Not wanting him to become territorial about the bed, I decided to have him sleep in his kennel the next night.  After all, he naps there during the day; this should not be a hardship, right?  Ha!  Needless to say, he is back to sleeping under the bed. : – (


I read an article this week that said that people who wear their hair in ponytails and buns can suffer baldness from it.  This worried me because I wear my hair in a ponytail or bun nearly every day!

Swiss Miss 1

What do you think, puppy? I don't know. I suddenly have a hankering for hot cocoa.

I am curious to see what Mr Fashion Police will have to say about the changes I will make.

And don't give me that,

Very shaggy little Cairn terrier.

What? Cousin It was always my favorite!

(By the way, this is an old-timey Swiss Miss reference.  I can’t believe they stopped putting their Swiss spokesmodel on their boxes of hot cocoa!)

Puffy White Clouds

Geez, puppy, I can't believe that another thing I have no control over has gone wrong with my website.  It is enough to make me want to give up and live inside my head.

It would be great inside my head.  Everything would always be happy, and we could watch the puffy white clouds float by.

You'd like that, puppy, wouldn't you?  Watching the puffy clouds with me?

If it weren’t for Geordie’s biscuit habit, I think I might just try this!

After days and days of building a website, I had 80% of my work disappear overnight.  It wasn’t anything I did – something went wrong with the site’s servers.  Still, I am so tired of having to redo all-things-computer because of someone else’s mistakes.

I feel bad because I had to ignore Geordie while I plowed through all of this work.  Now I will have to do it again.  My poor little guy deserves better.


I made this recording from the window as a local group of coyotes were singing.  The night before, I missed a more interesting recording – wolves were howling and coyotes were singing together in a group that were so close they were practically in the back yard.

One time when Geordie was little, we were outside for his before-bed pee when a litter of coyote pups all started yipping together.  Geordie stopped and listened to them, then yelled a huge “WOOF!” as if he were telling them to shut up.  I was surprised that they listened to him and were quiet. 

I guess even wildlife knows not to mess with my mighty terrier.

Puppy Dog Ears

What do you mean?  You wear puppy dog ears, and we're the same age!

Believe it or not, Geordie is a pup who has opinions on how I look and what I wear.

The first time he saw me in a skirt, he nearly plotzed.  My winter hat with the pompoms on top was such a source of amusement for him that he climbed up my back when I tried to tie my shoes, just so that he could comment on them.  He knows to pay attention to what I wear in order to tell if I am going out without him.  (He is particularly interested in shoes for this reason.)  If my hair is different, he makes sure to point it out to me.

I don’t know whether to feel flattered that he is interested in my appearance, or worried that he has more of a sense of style than I do.

Karma Meets Schadenfreude in Argyle

Look pu ppy!  I just finished knitting this argyle sweater.  Someday a little boy might wear it on his first day of school.  On his way to success!

Ha!  Ha!  Some little human kid is going to have to wear that dorky sweater!

And I had some yarn left over, so I decided to make one for you, too!  Oh crap.

Boy's Purple and Blue Argyle Sweater Vest

When Geordie was really little, I didn’t dare work around his playful self.  The first time saw me knitting, he was completely fascinated and insisted on putting his head between me and my needles to see what I was doing.  He watched me for several minutes before he walked away.  After that, whenever he saw me doing something, he demanded to look at it to see if he could figure it out. I was blown away at how interested this pup was in what I did.


If you would like to see more of the sweater, come visit Argyle Sweater Vest in Grape and Blueberry (sz. 3-5) or see other colors at Needful Things of Salem’s Boys’ Shop.