Troubles Already

Mom, why aren't there any recent posts on my blog? I'm still being cute....

I'm sorry, little one. I've just been so busy finishing projects and trying to puppy proof the house that I haven't had time.

Dang little brother isn't even here, and already he is stealing my thunder!


Although I draw Geordie as being cranky, he is actually pretty excited about his new brother.  He understands enough English to know that a puppy will be coming, but not when.  I haven’t seen him this playful and happy in a long time.  I hope he is up for the challenge of being a big brother and a baby sitter.  No matter how much I may try to catch the puppy’s attention, the little one is only going to have eyes for Big Brother Geordie.

Sadly, it looks like there might be a weather delay in the puppy’s arrival.  The once sunny forecast is now calling for snow. : – (


Handmade Butterfly Quilt.

Butterfly Quilt, handmade

Butterfly Quilt

(There really was a butterfly quilt.  You can visit it in my store by clicking any of the  pictures.)



That's pretty serious...


I’m hearing the whispers,

(I’d better beware)

Of putting a food dish

And toys “over there”.

And scarier things like

“He’ll just have to share”.

Mess with my toys?

Not in my lair!

She speaks of a bundle

Of ribbon-clad hair

And already calls us

Her “puppy dog pair”.

How can she do this?

Doesn’t she care?

I am her baby.

This isn’t fair.

The Angels best help him

If cross me he dare.

I’m a spoiled brown dog,

And I don’t play fair!


Preferences and Musings


Hey little puppy, are you ready to go for a walk with me? No! No! No!

I'll go if YOU take me!

No. I don't want you. I want her!

You know, some dogs actually like their humans. Fools.

Why do I put up with you? Because I am cute.

So, why do you push me away? Because I know you'll always be there.

I am an idiot, aren't I? Yup.

I envy those people who have snuggly dogs.  Dogs who want to be by their side and spend their days together.  My boy would drop me in an instant to go with anyone either family or stranger.

Over Christmas, Geordie really did throw a tantrum when I tried to take him for a walk.  The only way he would agree to go was if my sister-in-law went too.    Then he was a perfect little angel.  He doesn’t realize, though, that I am the only one who can translate his weird language and let others know what he is saying.  I keep telling him that he should appreciate me more, but he just says, “More biscuits!”