The Itchies Have Arrived!

Little dog scratches his back on the furniture.


Little dog looks over his shoulder.

I’m showing you my back. Wanna scratch it?

Little dog scratches his back on the rug.

Rub, rub, scratch, scratch.

Little Cairn terrier wakes up Mom so she can scratch his back.

You’re not sleeping, are you? I thought you might want to scratch my back!

Yes, that time of year has arrived…the time when puppies with late Summer allergies get the itchies!

Poor Geordie has a purple tummy and an insatiable need for scratches.  It’s hard enough during the day, but he needs them even at night.  It is kind of nice that my normally aloof pup now wants my attention, but I hate for it to be under these circumstances.  Also, I could really use some sleep…

Geordie and the Sprinkler (a.k.a. My Big Brave Boy)

Little Cairn terrier plays in the spray of a sprinkler.

Whee! This is so much fun!

Last week, I needed to water the garden.  As soon as Geordie saw me get the hose, he started talking and whining for me to let him play in the sprinkler.  So, I set everything up on the grass for him to enjoy.

He was having so much fun jumping and biting the water that I had to run and get my camera.  By the time I got back, though, he was wet enough from the spray that he no longer wanted to be in it.  Instead, I got this classic video.

Chilly Mat

Cairn terrier sitting on chilling mat.

Just chillin’.

Earlier in the summer, a friend told me about these chilling mats for pets.  They are supposed to keep your pet 10 to 15 degrees cooler as they lie on them.  Geordie is definitely a Winter pup and doesn’t like hot weather, so I thought this might be something good to try for him.

As you can see, he likes to relax on it as he watches the world go by.  So far, it is holding up well, even when he scrapes at it with his claws.  I ordered this one from Amazon, but some pet stores carry them as well.

Cairn terrier sits on his chilling mat and looks out of the front door.

I am handsome from any angle!

Dog Days of Summer – A Poem by Geordie the Dog

Dog Days of Summer

Be careful when you close that
big white fridge door.
I’m lying quite near
on the cool kitchen floor.
I don’t want you dropping
stuff on my poor head.
I’m really alive
though I look like I’m dead.
I’m missing the ice and the snow
and the slush
of Winter as you scoot me around by my tush.
I think that this Summer,
I’ve paid my “heat dues”
Now how ’bout we go on an
Alaskan cruise!!!

Hot Dog 2 (800x600)

Smile for the Camera!

Little Cairn Terrier smiles for the camera.

I just like this picture of Bitey.  It’s nice to see him smile.

We had a good event last night.  Geordie was trying to make a point with me, and instead of biting me like he did last week, he just poked me hard in the leg.  I am thrilled with the change!  I think those chondroitin supplements are making him feel a lot better.

(Ha!  My spellcheck tried to change the word “smiling” to “semi lint”.  Really?  Semi lint?  As opposed to whole lint?)

Watching The Meteor Shower

Woman and dog watch meteor shower.

Ooh, Geordie, look at that one

Wednesday night, Geordie and I went out to watch the meteor shower.  I heard that there was supposed to be an average of 60 meteors visible per hour that night.  We watched for half an hour, until our necks began to hurt, but we only saw two. I suppose at 3:00 a.m. they all sneaked across the sky in a large group, like a silent gaggle of geese!

Monday’s Vet Visit

Overall, Geordie is doing great. His hips don't have arthritis, but he does have it in one toe. You bit me over one sore toe? Face it. You deserved it.

Geordie had a visit with the vet on Monday.  Other than gaining a pound since his last visit, he is in good health.  The doctor checked Geordie’s hips and legs for arthrits and found that he doesn’t have any there, only a touch in one of the toes on his hind paw.

To help to help ease discomfort, the vet gave him a chondroitin/MSM supplement.  She advised using this particular supplement because it is regulated.  The supplements you buy at the store in the pet section are not regulated and may or may not have in them what is advertised.

So, we are now several days into this new treatment, and already Geordie is perkier than he has been in a while.  It is so nice to see my boy being playful again!