What are you looking at puppy? I've heard that dogs can see ghosts. Do you see a ghost? No, I'm watching our agels.

Our angels?  Yes, our guardian angels.

Wow, what do they look like?  Well, your angel is a person, and mine is a puppy.

I never thought about dogs having guardian angels. I guess I figured that if they did, they would look like ladies in long robes with wings. Nope. Puppies.

What are they doing? They are talking to each other. Really?

What are they saying? Well, my "Angel" is a little rusty, but i am pretty sure that they are saying is, "Geordie needs more snacks!"

Oddly enough, this post is based on an actual event.  One day I really did find Geordie intently watching something as it moved around near the ceiling.  Geordie’s language skills are above any dog I have ever known, so I am able to ask him things, and he can answer by saying yes, no, pointing at something, getting angry, etc.  I asked him a series of questions, and what came of them was that he said that he was watching our guardian angels as they were talking to each other.  His looked like a dog, and mine looked like a person.  Of course I have no way of knowing if anything he said was true or not.  Maybe it was just the equivalent of playing with a Magic 8 Ball.

What struck me as funny was that if it were really me answering these questions, I would expect the answers to match ideas that I already have in my head.  These didn’t.  I’ve grown up with the image of guardian angels watching over children, but I never thought that they would talk to each other as they worked.  And I never, never thought they could be anything other than humanoid.

If nothing else, the incident gave me something to ponder as I fall asleep….


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