Adam’s Rebuttal

Adam:  How about a moment for my side of the story?

In the early days in the Garden, things were great.  I was surrounded by animals and insects and natural wonders so beautiful they would take your breath away.   As Father Man-Bun pointed out, this time in the Garden was not a sexual one.  Life was one of purity and love.

Unlike what Eve claims, I didn’t “whine” to God to do more for me, but is it so unreasonable that I might want someone with whom to share?  I was thinking how nice it would be to have someone around who shared language, who would go exploring this paradise with me, who could play sports and drink beer with me.

So God, why didn’t you send me a buddy?  Why did you send me an Eve?

Beautiful garden plants like strawberries and chives.

The Garden of Eden.  As you can see, even back then no one wanted the deer getting in.


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