What If Eve Had Been First?

Recent talks at church brought up the subject of the creation of humankind.  Even though Adam had every creature of the earth with which to associate in the garden,  he wasn’t satisfied and whined to God to create yet another companion for him.

But what if Eve had been created first?  She would have had every puppy and kitty in the world to keep her company.  She would have every pony and horse to admire their beauty.  She would have had the birds with which to sing.  Do you think she would have prayed, “God, there aren’t enough dirty socks lying around the Garden of Eden.  No one has yet called me fat or ugly.  Won’t you send someone to do that?  My life it too easy.”

I think if Eve had been created first, she may still have eaten the apple, but she wouldn’t have asked for an Adam.  She would have just hugged the puppies.

Hugging Puppy - Copy

Eve being content with her puppy companion.


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