Head Count Saturday

Saturday was the day that representatives came to our church for a head count.  (I suggested we invite Zaphod Beeblebrox, but no one sent an invitation.)  Based on how many people show up combined with the amount of the collection, the church’s viability will be determined.  Sadly, we had a very bad day.

Head count day was also the start of our town’s Fall festival.  It is very popular, and thousands of people go – including many church members.  Typically you can visit the festival, grab something to eat and still make it to the anticipated mass with time to spare.  This year, though, a freak thunderstorm blew in during the afternoon.  It closed the festival, caused traffic snarls and left people cold and drenched and miles from home.  Many just decided to go to church in the morning instead.

I feel terrible, as if I should have done more to save the church.  I’m not sure what I could have, though.  I simply do not have the money to make the kind of difference they would need.  There is no guarantee that this is the church that will be closed after the calculations are made.  While others nearby bring in more money, this one has more parking.

I keep praying we survive this round of cuts.  While I am not often seen inside the church, I use the outside more than probably anyone.  I would be so sad if it were torn down for condos or equipment storage for Sunoco.

Statue of Mary outside of a church.

A quiet place where the boys and I spend time.

And to add a touch of levity to the post….One day I was sitting at the base of the statue saying prayers for several friends going through difficulties.  As I was spending quiet time with my thoughts, Geordie and Toby got so tangled up in their leashes that they were lashed together, side by side, head to tail.  All was very quiet until “Toooot“!  Toby decided to leave a big one right in Geordie’s face.

After that I wondered, “Do prayers still count if you are laughing at dog farts?”


If you enjoy (the thought of) dog toots, then you might enjoy Poopiter!

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER