What the Heck, Chicken Neck

"What the heck, chicken neck?" What's that supposed to mean?

Last Monday I had a second MRI. This one was to see if there has been any damage to the nerves in my neck that might be causing some of my upper body symptoms. Guess what the results were? Yes, A OK! My neck is nearly perfect which is apparently all the more impressive given my age. (I didn’t realize 29 was such a milestone.)

Oddly, with everything looking so good with my neck, my diagnosis circles back to MS. The new doctor I have been seeing said that it is possible to have MS but not yet have any lesions on your brain. That would be why my CAT scan and MRI were both clear. To test for MS at this stage, you would need a spinal tap. Needless to say, I am not enthusiastic about this next step. In fact I am so unenthusiastic, I may not do it. (I have read posts from several people about their experiences saying that on a scale from 1-10, their pain was 100.)

My symptoms overlap both B12 deficiency and MS, but fit neither one well. I am generally considered old for MS, but the right age for a B12 deficiency. My symptoms are worse on the right (but also exist on the left) which is unlike B12 and more like MS. They affect my upper body more than my legs, but my legs are affected which is – well – both.

I have five weeks before my next appointment, and I plan to learn everything I can about MS and what treatment options are available. I had luck earlier in the year with CBD oil. Even though it is expensive, I intend to keep taking it. For some people I have talked to, that alone has worked better than any of the medications they have been prescribed for MS.

While this seems like rather stinky news, I did find a ladybug, a penny and a four leaf clover to balance out my luck.

I saved the clover from being peed on by Toby.

That was supposed to be my clover. I was marking it.

Anyway, your luck couldn’t get any better: you already have me!


Dream Our World

If you would like to see what else my little stinky monsters have been up to, pick up a copy of Dream Our World. Inside, Bitey and Toby visit the museum of their dreams and enjoy a day of unsupervised fun.



  1. Obligatory: winner, winner, chicken neck dinner! I’ll also be nice and skip the obvious Spinal Tap references (including the death in a gardening accident one) even though they go to 11. The CBD might be a good idea – it never did a thing for me – but maybe just go straight to the THC stuff. Dog antics are hilarious when you are totally baked, or so I have been told. By the way, Monika’s store on Tails From the Ranch is a good source of high quality CBD oils and she’s knowledgeable about that stuff so worth a note.

  2. Not to complicate your life or medical care, but I just have to ask– Have you already ruled out fibromyalgia? I have a friend who spent years chasing down every variety of symptom and scores of diagnoses until she finally found a doctor who nailed it.

  3. Oh, gosh! 😦 I hope it can all get figured out soon. I would do the exact thing you are doing. Keep us updated. We care. We are here for you. ❤️ Don’t give up! Keep searching and pushing! With one of my med conditions I had to do so for decades. Saw specialists…and had much testing…in huge cities, for eons , and it ended up being an ER Doc in a rural hospital that figured it all out for me.

    Oh, Toby! I know your sweet handsome face brings joy to your mom! 🙂
    Wowza on the 🐞🪙🍀!!! 🙂
    (((HUGS))) 🙂 ❤️
    PS…I’ve seen people with chicken-leg legs. 😮 HA! 😀

  4. Hmmmm, well are the vertical lines on your fingernails any indication of a vitamin B deficiency? I feel like Dr. House looking at the small clues…, either that or Adrian Monk.
    Are the B vitamins measured with a blood draw? But then, as an aside, today I just learned one more little tidbit about Vit. D. Apparently the blood labs only measure Vit. D in the blood. There is some some sort of different test to measure the usable vitamin in your system. Who knew??!!! Apparently this was information provided by a neurologist. Anywho… if your symptoms are stable maybe the vitamin/fibromyalgia route would be worth pursuing.
    I sort of sense this is auto-immune. So that leaves the field wide open from MS trekking on down the pike. But at least you’re working by process of deduction, Miss Marple! 🙂

    PS: I like the way your dogs primarily are befuddled by you. I get the same feeling from my girl. At least your sweeties can read flash cards!

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