Puppy With a Death Wish: Part 3, Tobee Going Apiary

To bee or not to bee....

You talkin' to bee?

Have you heard the buzz?!? Seriously dog, you are getting on my last nerve.

You may remember that back in March, little Toby had his first encounter with a honey bee and got stung on the nose.  (This is a picture of my little boy as he battles both bee venom and Benedryl side effects.)

Sleepy Cairn terrier puppy.

So, has he learned his lesson?  Absolutely not!  In addition to mouthing toads and eating non-magic mushrooms, he has been pestering the honey bees again.  It seems that this boy is determined to kill himself.


Puppy With a Death Wish: Part 2, No Princesses

Aagh! There's no princess!

I told you, man, I'm a dude.

On the heels of Toby’s last misadventure, he had to find a totally new way to try to kill himself.  This time, he flipped a toad.

Did you know that toads are poisonous?  I didn’t.  I didn’t even realize that Toby had touched this toad until I saw him foaming at the mouth.  And foaming, and foaming.  If you have never had the experience, it is hard to believe that much drool and foam can come out of one puppy.  You are supposed to rinse your dog’s mouth with a hose to get the poison out, but good luck with that in October in the middle of the night.  Instead I used wet rags to wipe and wipe out Toby’s mouth.  By the time we were done, I was soaked from all of that drool, but he was doing better.

From the experience, I learned that if your pup mouths a toad, the first thing is to rinse out his mouth very, very well.  You can also induce vomiting to get rid of anything he may have swallowed.  I read that if your dog doesn’t have serious side effects in the first 30 minutes, he/she is probably going to be OK.  Still, a trip to the vet wouldn’t be a bad idea, just to make sure.

So, did Toby learn his lesson from licking the toad?  No.  I don’t think so.  Today he tried to catch it again as it sat outside of the door.

Puppy With a Death Wish: Part 1, The Case of the Psychedelic Pup

Psychedelic Pup

Blecch...This is not the "trip" they promised in the brochure!

Toby has proven to be a real Puppy With a Death Wish.  The lightning-fast little guy managed to grab a mushroom while we were out in the yard, and all I saw was the end of the stem as he gobbled it up.

Fortunately his body started purging the mushroom right away.  His poor little body emptied itself all over the place.  The vet wasn’t particularly helpful in this instance.  Her only advice was to take him to the emergency vet hospital.  Yes, going there would be good, but it is a 45 minute drive away.  I learned from a neighbor and from the internet that inducing vomiting with peroxide would be something to do within the first minutes before heading to the hospital.

I was lucky, and my little puppy survived the ordeal.  Did he learn his lesson about mushrooms, though?  Not that I can tell.  He still pulls to get near every one he sees.

Cluster of mushrooms.


Holy Family of mushrooms.

This cluster of three was found on the nearby church’s property, so I call the grouping The Holy Family of Mushrooms.  The “Joseph” mushroom has a cap that is 9-10″ across.  It is HUGE! 

Cluster of three mushrooms.

"Joseph" the Mushroom, top view.

Here is “Joseph” seen from the top.

Big mushroom.

This mushroom had such a lovely color in real life.  Between the shade of brown and its size, it reminded me of a loaf of bread on a stalk.  Check out the leaves on the plant beside it to try to get an idea of just how massive it is.








Hey, what’s the matter with you guys?  I am just introducing a new item to my Fall collection!

Woman wearing a black cape.

Getting ready for Halloween? This might be the perfect accessory for your costume.  Hopefully your little Scooby and Scrappy Doo won’t be afraid of your outfit!


This will be Scrappy…I mean Toby’s first Halloween, and I am not sure what he will think of it.  Geordie loves Halloween because so many people come to the door to see him.  (Or so he believes.)  Already Toby is proving to be a good guardian against the undead.  He challenges all of the zombie and skeleton lawn decorations we pass.

The Hooman Vet

Seriously guys, this is not necessary.

Two weeks ago, a bug with extremely poor navigation flew into my eye and scratched it so badly that I had to go to the Hooman Vet.  The boys were very helpful when I got home.

What hurt even more than the stupid bug was the cost of the eye drops I had to get.

Teeny tiny bottle of eye drops.

The bottle is about an inch tall, including the lid.  My receipt said that it originally cost $110.00.  It also said that I saved $130.00.  Either way, Ouch!

We have been having the most beautiful  sunny Fall days ever since this  has happened.  Due to sensitivity, I can’t go outside during the day.  Not only am I missing the social time of walking with my pups, but they are totally incorrigible due to lack of exercise.

Red tree

I bet the trees look awesome this week.