The Shredder


File cabinet filled to bursting with papers.

Suspicious shredder with ears and a tail handle.

Little Cairn Terrier chews a piece of paper.

During this past month, I have been forcing myself to tackle the dreaded file cabinet.  I cannot believe that I a) kept so many papers and b) could throw so many away and still have so many left!

I don’t use a shredder often and haven’t been able to justify buying one and having it take up space for the other 364 days a year.  So, for this purge, I decided to give Toby my old papers and boxes to destroy.  He did a fantastic job of it.  Thank heavens few things in life are more fun to a puppy than tearing up papers!

The Fox and the Stoma

A friend got my pup a stuffed fox toy with a bunch of squeakers in it.  Geordie has never been the type of dog to squeak a squeaker.  Instead he likes to perform squeakerectomies on all of his stuffed animals.  (That medical terminology course is finally coming in handy!)  For this fox, he couldn’t even be bothered to remove the entire thing; he just poked the tubular part through the fabric and chewed the end off. To me, it looked as if the fox had been a smoker for too many years.

Stoma fox.

Stoma fox stuffed animal.

Stoma fox stuffed animal with squeakers.

Here is Geordie coming to investigate why his stuffed fox is lying in the middle of the floor.

What? What's so funny?

“What?  What is so interesting about my toy?”

The Cutest Wedding Invitation Ever!

Next weekend, a little Westie friend of ours will be getting “married”!

Westie wedding invitation from Edinboro Scotland.

The wedding is being held as a fundraising event for Westies Rescued UK.  They rescue  Westies for many reasons, including taking in ex-breeding ladies, those from animal shelters and pups who have had to be surrendered by their families for various reasons.  No matter what the circumstances, Westies Rescued will help the little dog.

We are getting to be a part of the ceremony in a small way by providing Jimmy’s tux.

Black Watch Plaid Tuxedo Kilt for Dogs, rear view.

Black Watch Plaid Kilt for Dogs, front view.

Black Watch Plaid Tuxedo Kilt for Dogs, angled view.

Tuxedo Kilt for Dogs, collar close up.

We wish Jimmy and Kierah all the best in their upcoming happy life together.  If you would like to spread the news of their fundraising, I know it would be a wonderful wedding present to both of them!








Butterflies: Then and Now

Butterflies 1

Geordie:  Butterflies!  My favorite snack food!

Pup pulls his momo as he chases after butterflies.

Toby:  Butterflies!  My favorite snack food!

The only difference?  Color.


Toby actually caught a butterfly the other day, but the sensation of the insect on his nose was too strange, and he jumped back from it allowing it to go free.  Some natural-born hunter I’ve got!

Walkies, Peeing and Kibble

Walkies and peeing and kibble...there's got to be more to life than this!

Walkies and peeing and kibble...what more could a guy want out of life?!?

I am so tired of walkies, peeing and kibble.  I can’t wait until Toby is old enough that I can work without him using all his energy to drag me away from it.  Of course, Geordie doesn’t help: he antagonizes the little one.

I used to be amazed at the “new litter” shows on Animal Planet.  It seemed like the mommy dogs were so anxious to take a break from their puppies and go do something else.  I wondered, “What could be more fun than a litter of puppies?!”  Now I think I understand why the moms wanted to go run agility for an hour or chase a tennis ball.  Puppies are exhausting!


Doo, Doo Doo…

…lookin’ out my front door!


Doo, doo, doo, looking out my front door.

(Notice the “nose art” my boy left on the glass!)

Now that I have two pups, I will have to try to get a picture of them together.  Not until Toby grows up a little, though.  Right now, he is such a mischievous little one that I can just imagine the amount of paint he would get on his fur or how many brushes he would chew up.  No, for a little while, I will simply wait and watch my guys as they watch the world go by.

Cairn terrier adult and Cairn terrier puppy look out of the window.

The door….such a fun place to be!