Toby of the Tuft


Two tennis balls with "handles" and Cairn terrier sitting at door.

Unlike normal dogs, Toby doesn’t choose to carry his tennis balls in his mouth.  Instead he works and works at their covers until he makes these little “handles” so that he can grab them and shake them more easily.  Sometimes he shakes the balls until their covers come completely off and we are left with naked little brown orbs in the toy box.

My mom says the balls remind her of the story Ricky of the Tuft.  Hmmm, perhaps the tennis balls will bestow great wisdom on whomever they love.  So…. where do you take a tennis ball on a date?

Dying in the Desert


Two terriers struggle to cross a burning desert.

Gasp!  Pant!

Yes, well that's too bad. You still have to go outside to do your business.

Geordie is especially bad about going outside in this heat.  I am a little worried about how long he will “hold it” to keep from burning his paws.  Toby is more willing to brave the heat, but that is mostly because there are so many yummy butterflies that he might get to snack on if he’s quick.

I wonder if Toby can remember Winter.  His first outside experience was a bitter 11 degree day.  I know Geordie loves the cold, and I am wondering if his little brother will  be just as excited about it.  Guess we’ll find out soon enough!

Garden Flirt

Two melons in a garden.

Nice melons!

I ate them both this weekend, and they were spectacular.

It turns out that Toby really likes raw fruits and vegetables, AND he has learned how to open doors.  I have to watch carefully that the little stinker doesn’t let himself into the garden and eat all of my food.  Geordie doesn’t care about the raw veggies….he eats the dirt.


The Bathing Suit


Hey, what happened to your green sweater? I wanted something for summer so I chose a bathing suit. You look ridiculous. It's so old-fashioned!

He dares ca.. ME old-fashioned? And this coming from a guy with a fainting couch! Anyway, I rock this suit.

I wish I could give Toby a summer furcut so that he could be cooler, but he is still young enough that he fights me every time I bring a comb or scissors near him.  Real Life Toby is still wearing the fur equivalent of the green sweater even in our 91 degree temps.


“Today is so hot, I think I will melt.
This may be the hottest that I’ve ever felt!”