The Cassandra Moth

I have a friend who says that puppies' souls come back to visit their mommies as butterflies.

Yesterday I was in the garden when a moth came around and kept batting itself into me.  No matter how much I shooed it, it kept coming back. Afterward, I delivered a zucchini to a neighbor and mentioned the incident to her.  She said a moth did the same thing to her and even got caught in her hair.  Some believe that moths and butterflies are souls coming back to visit us.  While I appreciated the visit, I didn’t understand what “flap, flap flap” meant.

A little while later I was picking berries when I heard an insistent tapping noise. I looked around and saw that it was a moth in a death struggle with a yellow jacket. They fought and fought for the longest time.   Eventually I turned away to keep picking and lost sight of them. When I went to put more berries in my bucket, though, they fell out of an overhead branch and into bucket. I don’t know how, but the bee had dragged the moth up into the bush. They kept fighting until the bee forced the moth to the bottom of the bucket, then it ate the moth. When the bee flew away, all that was left was a pair of wings.

I’d never seen anything like that before. I wondered if that was the moth that kept hitting my neighbor and me. Perhaps she was Cassandra and knew her fate and was asking for help.

Two Cairn terriers sitting in the grass.

Why didn’t you eat the moth? We would have.


Little Girl's Pastel Plaid Sundress

Ice cream and cupcakes

and days at the pool.

Friends’  birthday parties

with no thoughts of school.

Kicking off sandals,

feet covered in dust.

To have this much fun,

a great dress is a must.

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He Tried It Again


Aagh! There's no princess!I told you, man, I'm a dude.

…but this time he failed thanks to my bad knee.  I couldn’t move fast enough, and Toby wasn’t able to catch the toad.

Two summers ago we weren’t so lucky, and Toby did manage to lick a toad.  At first I thought he had eaten a dandelion gone to seed and was shaking the white fluff off his tongue.  Nope.  We had several hours of rinsing his mouth while watching to see if he needed to be rushed to the emergency vet.

So, do puppies learn from their mistakes?  Not my boy!


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Dog themed reusable gift bag / tote bag.

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Should I Be Worried?

Back end of Cairn terrier sticks out from under the bed.

Yes, most likely.

Long ago, in the Before Times, I used to store things under the bed.  A.D. (After Dogs), I can only put things there that I don’t mind being chewed to bits.  Since that is pretty much nothing, I can’t imagine what Toby was doing.  Whatever it was, it was probably not good.


I saw part of a program on TV recently about evidence of alien abductions.  Just in case they are right, maybe we can get on the aliens’ good side with a friendly welcoming gift like this Alien Hand “I Love You” Pillow.

ASL Alien Hand Pillow with Galaxies

You know….just in case E.T. uses a TTY instead of a phone.

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Is This What I Think It Is?

Death's Head Hawkmoth

Geordie and Toby’s Grandpa found this today while he was out.  I had never seen one before and looked it up.  It looks like a Death’s Head Hawkmoth.  I read that they sneak into honey bee hives and eat honey.  They get in because they smell like a bee.

Winnie the Pooh should have thought of that.

Update:  A friend showed me that this is actually an Imperial Moth.  I guess Winnie couldn’t have learned anything useful from this guy after all.



Come join Bitey and Toby on a magical adventure in Dream Our World.  In it, Geordie and Toby visit the museum of their dreams.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

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First Fruits

Photo of first fruit from the garden this year.

Woo hoo!  The garden has finally started producing something other than weeds!  I had to fight Toby for this cucumber, but eventually I won.  (I cheated.  I threatened to hide Blue Puppy if he didn’t give it up.)

Between my injured knee and all the rain we’ve had, I found it difficult to keep up with the weeds.  Over the weekend, we had two dry days, and I was able to clear out most of what shouldn’t be there.  It was good timing because I found some small zucchini and a couple of cukes which will need close supervision.  Had I waited a few days, I may have ended up with baseball bats instead of veggies.

Toby turned out to be really helpful in the garden.  His favorite food is grass, and he went first for the stuff that had gone to seed.  Had I realized, I would have sent him out there to take care of things and saved myself the sunburn.


So, I did good?


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Bitey Dog Cairn Terrier Lunch Bag

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Catch Up On My Reading

While I am injured, maybe I can catch up on my reading.

Mom, he keeps stealing my toys! This little twerp is hogging all the sunshine!

Come here so I can beat you up! Yeah, well I'm gonna go pee on your bed!

I'm hungry! When's dinner? I gotta go potty! Then again, maybe I won't.....

Two Cairn terriers asleep on the floor.

Oh come on.  We weren’t that bad!

Yes you were.


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Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

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Cover of the book Dream Our World

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