The Adventures of Bitey Dog!

Bitey Dog. He bites you for truth, justice...and because you taste kind of like chicken!

Should Bitey Dog be a book?  We are thinking about it.  (Self-published, of course.)  After all the computer issues we have been having, it seems like it might be a nice idea to have a  physical copy of our stories to hold onto.  If we’re able to figure out how, we may post more on the process, just in case you might be interested too!

Schroedinger’s Computer


Roses are red.

Psychedelic Pup

Hippies like beads.


We all just got


Although I have been following instructions to troubleshoot and possibly fix  the BSOD, I am scared to turn on the computer.  What if I didn’t fix the problem, and my hard drive escapes this mortal coil without me?  If I don’t turn the computer on, it will remain in a state where it both does and doesn’t work.    Somehow I like that option.  It is cheaper.