The Littlest Safecracker

Dog breaking into a safe.

Cairn terrier in his kennel.

I was putting the pups to bed one day.  Geordie was tired and wanted to go first.  After he walked in, I latched the door so that he wouldn’t get out and wander in the middle of the night.  (He is the same color as the carpet, so this can be a problem in the dark.)  Toby wasn’t ready to go to sleep yet, though, and I caught him going over to Geordie’s kennel and lifting up the handle to let him out.  Until then, I hadn’t realized that Toby had been watching me open and close the door latches.

Cairn terrier pup howls when he is sent to his kenne.

I have to watch out for that Toby.  He is a sneaky kind of smart.

Holy Diver

What it feels like:

Holy Diver 1

(Remember, these shoes are made of lead.)


What it is:

Holy Diver 2

I don’t know why it is such a game to my guys, but they like to grab onto my legs when I am walking.  Just moving from one side of the room to the other can take ten minutes.  It is a slow motion dance that reminds me of deep sea divers.

I think my “shoes” are cuter though.

Dah-Dum… Dah-Dum…



Toofless 1

Toofless 2

This is NOT funny!

Toby surprised me about a month ago by losing all of his baby teeth at the same time.  One minute we were playing with a toy and the next, all of his teeth were gone.  It was funny to watch him eat.  He was able to pick up his kibble, but he couldn’t crunch it.  It made no sound when he chewed.  Just for fun, I let him “bite” my hand, and it felt like a clothes pin clamping down.

100_4235 (800x763)

He made up for lost time, though, by showing me how little he cared for being brushed yesterday.

Naughty puppy.

Geordie was completely different when he lost his teeth.  I always knew when one came out because he got such a panicked look on his face.  He would spit out the tooth, and I would hug him and assure him he wasn’t in trouble.  Then I would give him an ice cube to chew on.  I don’t know if that helped, but it seemed to soothe him, and it became our ritual.

So similar, yet so different.


Until Next Time


Stubborn Cairn terrier refuses to come out from under the bed.

I am so sad that I am hiding under the bed.

There is a terrible disturbance in The Force today.  For so many of us who have called Dogster our home these many years, it is with heavy hearts that we say goodbye to our beloved site.  Pets and humans alike have made friendships that have lasted over a decade.  Even though we won’t be able to meet there anymore, most of us have arranged to gather in new places.  Life will be much the same, but somehow it will be completely different.

A stupid thing that I will miss will be our emoji.  I decided to copy them here so that I can keep them close to my heart.

smile laugh out loud frown cry confused shock big grin red face applause shh silenced thinking wink wave hail big laugh dancing cheer cloud 9 shrug little angel way to go puppy kitty happy dance dog snoopy kitty party party eek rainbow hug wishes meditate naughty kissing hamster dance dancing relieved flowers blue dog dog walk big hug hi5 welcome

Whatever you do today, remember to appreciate being able to talk to your friends!