Springtime Snack Hog

Mom, he's hogging all the snacks!

Spit that out right now! See?

Just kidding.  But they really are driving me nuts trying to catch the real ones.


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Little puppy Cairn terrier giving stink face to adult Cairn terrier.


Mmph!!  What made me think having a brother would be fun?



To read more of Bitey’s adventures, pick up a copy of A Tired Mommy Is a Good Mommy.  Available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions.


One dog jumps rope while a puppy sits next to his bowl and sings along.

Puppy dog, puppy dog

By your dish,

How many kibble

Do you wish?


Spin an 8

‘Till it’s dizZY

My answer’s


Infinity symbol


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Substitution Bread


Oh dear, I don't have enough pumpkin for this pumpkin bread recipe...

Ihave some applesauce. Maybe I can use that to make up the difference.

Guys, want to try some of my bread? So what kind is it? Appkin? Or pupple?

Sadly, this is based on a true story.  Happily, it tasted great!

(The boys certainly were not complaining.)



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The Great Hunter

Dog stands wearing extreme hunting gear.

All hail me, the great and fearless hunter! Oh yeah? How many voles have you killed?

Including today? None. Bwahaha! By your age, I'd killed at least six.


You've got to sleep sometime, brother.... I happen to know that is a squeaky knife you got for Christmas!

Toby has the best nose I have ever seen on a dog…but he has yet to catch anything!  Geordie was a vole-hunting machine when he was little.  He would blow into the vole burrows and scare them into popping their heads out as they tried to run from him.  Then he would catch them and “de-squeaker” them.  Toby tries to dig them out, but then he gets distracted eating the dirt and grass he pulls up.

I suppose the voles in the neighborhood should be glad about this changing of the guard.  Perhaps now they’ll finally relax enough to do their jobs and eat all the disgusting bugs that like to ruin the grass.  (Hear that voles?  Get busy!)


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Two dogs and an alligator dance for joy in the swamp.

Some birds will fly

Some birds are waders

If you run to the store,

You could get alligators!


We like to see docks

Chock full of freighters.

Oh, by the way

Could you get alligators?


After consulting

A prognosticator

She made us anticipate

More alligators!


We have twenty more verses

That all rhyme with “gator”

If you give us some now

We won’t sing them all later!

Two Cairn terrier pups eye a Whimzees alligator shaped treat sitting on the table.



My brother doesn’t realize it, but he created a monster the day he brought several Whimzee’s alligator-shaped treats for my pup.  From that time on, one couldn’t be in the house without Bitey pestering to eat it.  When Toby came along, he made sure to teach the little guy how to effectively annoy me so they could get the treats as quickly as possible.  (Oddly enough, it does often include singing and dancing.)




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The New Sweater (or How Rocky Road Can Keep You Warm)

Hand Knit Man's Rocky Road Cardigan

This is the project I have been working on lately, to the great dismay of my pups.  They don’t like when anything takes my attention away from them…especially little Toby.  There was much howling and crying for love as I constructed this dark brown beauty that somehow makes me hungry for ice cream whenever I am around it.

Little do they realize that these projects are what keeps them in biscuits and peanut butter – two things that they are absolutely certain they would die without.   I must make more sales in the near future, though.  Soon the weather will be warm, and they will be expecting doggie ice cream.

100_4222 (800x600) - Copy

You weren’t kidding about that ice cream, were you?


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