Facts of Life

Guess who my favorite Facts of Life character is...Tootie! Ugh. Her real name was Dorothy.

Don’t know what’s up with my boy, but he has been prone to “back talking” lately.


Come join Bitey and Toby on their adventures in their new book, PoopiterBitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

It is available at Amazon in a beautiful, glossy paperback version.


To learn more of Bitey’s days before the usurping Toby came along, check out A Tired Mommy Is a Good Mommy  which is also available from Amazon.

Cover 8 (800x778)

Either would make a great gift for the dog-lover in your life!


Sky Dog Skip Gets Ready for Space

Here I am, all ready for space!  I have my helmet, my bag of biscuits and my squeaky ray gun.

Hole on. Before you go, I have something for you. A new shirt? Thanks! Make sure to wear it on all your missions.

And here are some pictures of your girlfriend. I have a girlfriend? Wow!

Yup.  Geordie would most likely set Toby up to be the Ensign headed to the new planet!


Toby and Geordie have a new book out called Poopiter.  In it, you can glimpse what life is like for two naughty Cairn terriers.  Poopiter is available at Amazon in paperback.


To read more of Bitey’s adventures before Toby, pick up a copy of A Tired Mommy Is a Good Mommy.  It is filled with memories, stories and poems from the years Geordie and I spent together. It too is available from Amazon.  (Turns out there was some sort of formatting issue with the Kindle version, and it is not available.)




I have a friend who says that puppies' souls come back to visit their mommies as butterflies.

I have a friend who says that puppies’ souls come back to visit their mommies as butterflies.

Butterflies 2

Perhaps that is why my boys enjoy chasing butterflies so much…they sense a kindred spirit.


To read more of Bitey’s adventures, pick up a copy of A Tired Mommy Is a Good Mommy.   It is available from Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions.


Coming Soon!  Bitey and his little brother Toby will have their own book.  I got a proof back from the printer yesterday, but there had been a problem with compression when the manuscript was sent.  I fixed that and resubmitted, so hopefully it will be good enough to approve next time!

Dog Days of Summer – A Poem by Geordie the Dog

Dog Days of Summer

Be careful when you close that
big white fridge door.
I’m lying quite near
on the cool kitchen floor.
I don’t want you dropping
stuff on my poor head.
I’m really alive
though I look like I’m dead.
I’m missing the ice and the snow
and the slush
of Winter as you scoot me around by my tush.
I think that this Summer,
I’ve paid my “heat dues”
Now how ’bout we go on an
Alaskan cruise!!!

Hot Dog 2 (800x600)