Alert ears heard that an official from Rancho Cucamonga helped to broker a sister city agreement between a nearby town in California and the Hindu nation of Kailaasa.

*Image borrowed from the internet*

People in my state would never do something that silly. Oh wait…

Tony DeLuca, a longtime Pennsylvania representative, was re-elected despite having died in October after a battle with lymphoma. Photograph: Rep. Anthony DeLuca facebook page

Not just re-elected. Re-elected by a landslide.

Mom, can we have a sister? And not the Hindu rapist kind. No, more like a Bichon. Or a Sheltie!

Geordie had a thing for Shelties. I like all girls!


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Toxic Rain

Ooh, look. Two tails! Is rain supposed to be green? I don't remember carrots having eyes.

Yeah, we live kind of close to East Palestine.

I like my tail, but I’m happy with just one.


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The Watermelon

Whoa, what's that? Go tell Geordie I got us a watermelon.
I meant go TO Geordie and tell him.
Geordie, mommy got us a...a...
Now what the devil was that thing called? Oh yeah.....
Mommy got us a Meldahelda!
I never know what that boy is barking about.

The tag on the plant said that the melons would grow to 20 lbs.

Mine were maybe 5 lbs.

In real life this is a story about my brother. Ever since the incident, meldahelda has been our family word for watermelon.

Why do you go dragging me into this nonsense?

I wasn’t even alive when “meldahelda” happened.


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The New Restaurant

It is a dark time. Across the state, businesses have been shut down for want of customers. So many restaurants have closed that underground, speakeasy-style eateries have popped up away from the watchful eyes of health department.

The boys’ beloved Sniff City has become….(Dun…dun…duhhhhn)… Hellmont.

My idea is better. No MINE is! Mom!!
Which of us has the best name for our new restaurant?
My idea's the best. It's the Diarrhea Trattoria!
Wait, does this place serve or cause diarrhea? Your choice! Oh dear, are those raisins and Tootsie Rolls on the bar? Well, at one time...
Forget about him. It's my idea that's the best.
It's the Copra...CopraphaGIa! The hottest spot for diarrhea! At the Copra,CopraphaGIa..Poopin' and noshin' are always in fahshion...Fashion? Yes, dahling...
Do you really think anyone will want to eat here? How is your dessert menu? Do you serve Poopsicles or Fudge Dragons? I'd like a meal to help me clear a room. I need assistance with my abstract expressionism.

Not that dogs eat poo or anything…

Well, only if it’s there.


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Black Pearls

What the heck, Toby. You must have swallowed one of my hairs. It's like a string of black pearls back here. This wouldn't happen if you didnt eat off the floor.
This wouldn't happen if you ran the vacuum more often!

But Toby, you hate the vacuum!

Back end of Cairn terrier sticks out from under the bed.

I know….


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Chia Pet

What's that, Geordie? Did you get a chia pet? No, Toby rolled in the grass after his bath.

I think the grass was extremely happy that Toby did that.  It was the most moisture it had experienced in months.

When I went to wash Toby’s behind in the tub, he howled.  Ha!  I wonder what was up with that?

Little Cairn terrier.

What do you think was up?  Nothing but my girlfriend’s nose is supposed to go there!!


Come with my boys on a visit to the Museum of the Imagination in Dream Our World.  There you can experience the world of art from a canine perspective and enjoy a day of unsupervised fun!

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Those Dreaded “T” Words

Picture of a tick, a check mark and a watch

After a walk through a field with Toby, I checked my puppy to make sure he had no fur hitchhikers.  That afternoon, just to be safe, I checked him again.  In case there might be any late biters, that evening I checked him again.

I have to say that by the end of the day, he was really ticked with me.

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

For heaven’s sake, quit using me as a prop in your lame stories.


Toby, like most pets, is loving this lock down….his grandparents, not so much.  So far, they have had their water filter break, the microwave break and a drain back up.

On top of these things, they are seriously not liking the new mask rules.  My Mom is severely claustrophobic and won’t go anywhere they are required.  Both of my parents are hard of hearing (age related).  Not only are they having trouble hearing people, they can’t lip read with everyone’s faces covered.

What a strange world we find ourselves in.


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Toy of the Gods

For our friends who are unfamiliar with the joys of toilet paper:

Roll of toilet paper

Mommy forgot to shut

The bathroom door

Where the roll of TP

Hangs so close to the floor.


Sketch of dog wrapped in toilet paper.When from over my shoulder

Comes a loud, angry roar,

“Don’t touch that, you beast!

I don’t have any more!”

Sketch of woman running

So I snatch up the end

And away I do soar..

So pleased with my game,

I am thrilled to the core!


TP Mummy - Copy (2)

Leaping and bounding

And twisting with glee

I watch as my human

Can’t catch up with me.

I roll till I’m wrapped

like an ancient mummy.

It’s a gift from the gods

This roll of TP!



TP Mummy - Copy






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Puppy dressed as ferocious hockey player.

Wow, you're pretty good at blocking thos tennis balls. When I grow up, I want to bMario Lemieux!

Bu Mario Lemieux isn't a goalie. Then I wanna be Wayne Gretzky!

Gretzky isn't a goalie either. Geez, where have you been learning about hockey? Mommy!!

I have never had a pup that I could teach to play Fetch.  I have tried over and over using instructions in dog-training guides to no avail.  The closest I have come is Toby who likes to catch the balls and line them up in front of himself.

It’s a good thing Mommy enjoys all that lower back pain from picking up hundreds of tennis balls a day.  Oh wait, no I don’t.  Then I guess it is a good thing I love my puppy.


Today I am on Day 25 of my eye exercises.  I feel like the lady in the Peleton commercial who posts her exercise routine in order to hold herself accountable.  So far, I am still liking what I am doing!  This past week I have been able to see a few things that I haven’t in a very long time.  I was able to read house numbers from more than a yard (house-yard, not 3 feet) away.  I could also read a street sign from at least 20′ away.  I am not able to hold focus for long, but even that is building.  A friend asked if I would like to go to my eye doctor some day and show off that I don’t need glasses anymore.  Not really.  What I would like to do is go to the DMV and have the restriction removed from my license.  Ha!  Take that, state government.


This week I also mailed off a copy of Dream Our World to another museum, hoping that they may be interested in selling it in their gift shop.  Toby has promised to keep his paws crossed that the manager likes  his work.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Toby innocently stands there, wondering what mommy is looking at.

How could they  not like it?  I’m adorable.


By the way, is anyone else having trouble with WordPress?  I am having problems with the photo uploader and viewing previews of my posts.  Even viewing others’ posts is hit or miss.  It takes all the fun out of coming here to post.

Toby’s New Hero


Sketch of Eric Swalwell and the infamous cup.

Happy Toby flashes peace signs.

Toby flashes peace signs as he stands in front of Eric Swalwell and the infamous coffee cup.

Toby and Eric Swalwell say:

“Don’t own up; blame the cup!”


Cover of the book Dream Our World

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