Halloween Memories

Two children trapped in the back of a station wagon on their way to church on Halloween night.

This was my Halloween memory, year after year. I felt cheated that I didn’t get to go Trick or Treating with the other kids. After this year, a lot of young people are going to be having similar memories of not getting to get dressed up or pester neighbors for candy. It will be interesting to read blog posts years from now after children have developed some perspective on current events. Will they have happy memories of an evening with their families, or will they go all out making sure their own kids and pets have a spectacular, spooky celebrations?

I obviously went the second route.

(This evil bitey monster was Geordie. He was willing to model pretty much anything for me. Not sot he Tobester…)

Whether reliving your own Halloween memories or spending an evening at the opera, this black cape with red satin lining is sure to make a dramatic statement. Sized to fit size S-M. Add a dash of the unconventional to your wardrobe today!

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Happy Howlaween

Oh. I misunderstood.

 It’s a little early, but “Happy Howlaween” from our family to yours!


Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Dream Our World.   This fully illustrated book would make a great gift for yourself or for someone you love.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

In Dream Our World, the boys visit the museum of their dreams and view the world of art through a canine perspective.  Through it all, they enjoy a day of unsupervised fun!

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.

One, Two, Toby’s Comin’ for You….

Toby dressed in a striped sweater.

The striped sweater and long claws should be a give away of Toby’s Halloween costume this year.  As you can see from his expression, he is thrilled with this opportunity to dress up.


Hmm, while I don’t want you to fall asleep and risk meeting “Toby”, I would like to recommend reading Dream Our World.   Perhaps just “daydream” the boys’ world?

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.   It is a wonderful little adventure where Geordie and Toby spend a day at the art museum, viewing art through the eyes of a terrier.  Plenty of humor and “awww” moments along the way!

Halloween Memories

001 - Copy (2) - CopyWe all know who did it.  The guy in the middle.

004 - Copy

Bwaah!  Too much partying last night!

003 - Copy

“Awwoo!  I hate spiders!”    (“And I’m none too fond of wolves.”)

003 - Copy (3)

I don’t know why no one comes to visit.

003 - Copy (4)

Come a little closer, dearies….

Back when it was just Geordie and me, we used to carve pumpkins together.

Geordie and the Pumpkin 1

He would climb inside the pumpkins as I would try to work and try to eat them from the inside out.    Since Toby has come along, things have been too chaotic to try any holiday decorating.  I feel bad that my little guy hasn’t had a chance to climb inside his own pumpkin.

If only he were Peter, Peter Pumpkin-Eater’s dog….



Guess I am going as for Halloween...King TOOT Uncommon! Ugh. You're Toot "Very Common".

Hope everyone enjoys a fun night of Trick-or-Treating or handing out candy.

As for real Bitey and Toby, we will likely be hiding from night visitors because these two are too barky.  (Don’t ring our bell…we won’t be home!)