One dog jumps rope while a puppy sits next to his bowl and sings along.

Puppy dog, puppy dog

By your dish,

How many kibble

Do you wish?


Spin an 8

‘Till it’s dizZY

My answer’s


Infinity symbol


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Two dogs and an alligator dance for joy in the swamp.

Some birds will fly

Some birds are waders

If you run to the store,

You could get alligators!


We like to see docks

Chock full of freighters.

Oh, by the way

Could you get alligators?


After consulting

A prognosticator

She made us anticipate

More alligators!


We have twenty more verses

That all rhyme with “gator”

If you give us some now

We won’t sing them all later!

Two Cairn terrier pups eye a Whimzees alligator shaped treat sitting on the table.



My brother doesn’t realize it, but he created a monster the day he brought several Whimzee’s alligator-shaped treats for my pup.  From that time on, one couldn’t be in the house without Bitey pestering to eat it.  When Toby came along, he made sure to teach the little guy how to effectively annoy me so they could get the treats as quickly as possible.  (Oddly enough, it does often include singing and dancing.)




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