The Azalea According to Toby

Very sad looking little azalea plant.

Despite my best efforts to keep him away from it, Toby picked this little azalea as his favorite peeing spot over the Winter.  I can only imagine what his daily waterings did to the plant.  As you can see it doesn’t look quite like the other Spring flowers.  I am not positive, but I think it heard it murmuring something that sounded like “electric fence“.


I don’t know what you are complaining about.  It looks fine to me.


Little girls' pastel plaid sundress

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There is still time to order Poopiter before reading Bitey and Toby’s next book.  It will introduce the characters and help to better explain the picture “Peppermint Girl”.

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

I will be posting a link to the new book later this week!


The Serenade


Cairn terrier sleeping in dirty laundry

I took my family for a walk.

It was so very long.

When I got home I ate a lot.

It was so very wrong.

Now in my bed I lie and toot

Until the church bells dong.

Birds fly through my noxious cloud

And quickly lose their song.


(Yes, it’s been another Alpo day.)


Cross stitched afghan with roses and bows on it.

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A Trail of Evidence

This is what I found after a suspiciously quiet moment.

Two gloves lying on the floor

Blue puppy is to blame for the gloves on the floor.

Terrier peeking around corner from his hiding place.

It wasn’t me, Mom.  You can clearly see it was Blue Puppy.

Toby loves Blue Puppy, but I am finding that he is the scapegoat for a lot of things that go wrong around here.  Things where Toby is somehow nearby….


Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Poopiter.

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

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You’ll want to be caught up on the boys’ adventures before they start their next one which is coming up soon.  I have been working on this next book for a very long time, and it looks like I am in the final stretch.  Yeah,  I’m happy!

He Played Me

Happy smiling Cairn terrier sitting next to flowers.

But Mom, doesn’t having cancer mean I automatically get everything I want?

Geordie’s lung cancer gives him a distinctive cough – a sort of *cough, cough, hack*  When first diagnosed Geordie coughed a lot, but with his medications he has barely coughed in months.  Recently I noticed Geordie coughing so much that he could hardly catch his breath….until he got what he wanted, then it miraculously stopped.  My Mom was with him when he was having one of these “fits”.  Worriedly she asked, “Shouldn’t you give him more medicine?”  I told her, “No, he is doing this for attention.   He knows everyone will rush over to help him if he coughs.”  Sure enough, as soon as I gave him some food, Geordie walked over to his bed and went to sleep.  Sadly it took me nearly a week to figure out he was playing me.

That’s my Geordie.  Too smart for my own good.



Mr. Boombalatti Hides the Evidence

Dog dish half hidden under carpet

To Toby’s great dismay, I have had to put him on a diet for Lent.  Geordie’s pickiness over food has given Toby ample opportunities to become roly-poly by eating his brother’s leftovers.  The other day I found this going on in the kitchen.  In the background, I was pretty sure I could hear Shaggy singing, “It wasn’t me…”

Dog photobombs picture with dish and toy in background

I’m telling you, it was Blue Puppy who ate all the food!

As you can see, Toby clearly blames his little blue puppy for getting into the dishes and then trying to hide the evidence under the rug.

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The Biscuit Battle

Happy smiling Cairn terrier sitting next to flowers.

Last year when my beautiful Geordie was diagnosed with cancer, I was devastated.  The vet said my vibrant, active boy had only a few weeks to live so I made it my mission to make him the most spoiled, happiest terrier in all of history.

Geordie has surprised us all by continuing to live a full life despite his illness.  I am thrilled to have my puppy with me for far longer than expected.  What I hadn’t counted on was just how spoiled a little dog can be when he gets everything he wants.

For the past few weeks, he has been positively insufferable.  I have had to cut back on treats and special attention and put him back on the schedule he had before that fateful vet visit.  It has been a difficult decision for me because I realize that I may lose him at any moment.  What kind of a pet parent am I if I deny my puppy his final wish of Marro Bones?   Good or bad, I did it anyway.

Geordie hasn’t given up squawking for treats, but I have noticed that his eyes seem brighter and his tummy isn’t rumbling as much.  He even decided to take me for a walk today.  It seems like an obvious solution to keep a pet on a strict healthy diet, but it is difficult to do when the pet is getting ready to leave.

Geordie insisted that he have a say on today’s blog:

First, I have to tell on Toby.  He went to sleep in my bed, and he didn’t get in trouble at all!!

This evening, Mom took me out to pee.  After we came inside, Toby said he had to pee.  (Never at the same time, right?)  While they were outside, I very kindly helped Mommy open the jar of biscuits in the closet and eat them.  You can tell she likes Toby best because I got yelled at and he didn’t even though he was the one who got caught with the lid in his mouth.  Harrumph.  Why even have biscuits if you are not going to give them to me?!?


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