Should I Be Worried?

Back end of Cairn terrier sticks out from under the bed.

Yes, most likely.

Long ago, in the Before Times, I used to store things under the bed.  A.D. (After Dogs), I can only put things there that I don’t mind being chewed to bits.  Since that is pretty much nothing, I can’t imagine what Toby was doing.  Whatever it was, it was probably not good.


I saw part of a program on TV recently about evidence of alien abductions.  Just in case they are right, maybe we can get on the aliens’ good side with a friendly welcoming gift like this Alien Hand “I Love You” Pillow.

ASL Alien Hand Pillow with Galaxies

You know….just in case E.T. uses a TTY instead of a phone.

(Alien Hand Pillow is available from my store.)