The Carousel

What do you do when the router is working?  The same thing as when it’s out!

Patrons ride a coorful merry go round at an amusement park.

The theme of my last painting was Emotion.  This one is Happy Memory.  Originally I had wanted to create this painting using impasto and a knife, but the picture kept fighting back until it turned out this way.

Bored terrier lies next to his tennis ball.

Are you done now?  It’s soooo boring when you work.

Toby really, really, really didn’t like me working on this picture.  He positively exhausted himself with all of the stuff he shredded in disapproval.


Cover of the book Dream Our World

If you’d like to see even more of our artwork, join Bitey and Toby in Dream Our World.  Inside, the two pups visit the museum of their dreams.


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Copper Brocade Paisley Vest for Boys



What To Do When The Router’s Out?

Oil painting of Mom trying to embarrass teen boy by kissing him in front of his girlfriend.

I decided to do a painting!

I haven’t been able to paint since Toby was a puppy.  Shortly after he came here he developed a UTI which led to potty training issues which were replaced by him turning into a naughty dog who loves to play chase more than he likes being good.

This time, though, Toby surprised me by being a little sweetie and lying on the floor beside me while I worked.  Like his brother, though, he likes to be where I put the lid to my Masterson.  I guess it is inevitable that I will have puppies with colorful fur.


Boys' blue plaid short sleeved shirt.

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Kitty Pictures


Watercolor painting of cat

If you would like a kitty picture of your very own, (sans the Bitey Dog mark, of course) let me know!  Maybe I can help.

Click to visit the Pet Portraits section of my shop.   There you will find instructions and pricing guidelines.  I have examples given for oils and pencils, but I am finding that when I view a customer’s pet photos, sometimes a different medium seems better such as the water colors for this little kitty.

You could order a picture of your own pet, or you could present a loving tribute to a friend who has lost a beloved companion.  Whether for yourself or for a friend the gift of art is one that is always appreciated.