如果 / If

If humans dug the way they’re supposed to (with their paws), they wouldn’t need shovels.


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Dream Our World

Toxic Rain

Ooh, look. Two tails! Is rain supposed to be green? I don't remember carrots having eyes.

Yeah, we live kind of close to East Palestine.

I like my tail, but I’m happy with just one.


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Mommy Eats Worms

What happened? She was turned down for two jobs this week.

She says nobody loves her, and she's going to pretend that plate of spaghetti is worms. Should she really be eating if she's not working?

I earn my keep. You need to earn yours.

It’s funny that even with a worker shortage, I can still find plenty of places willing to say “no” to me.


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Next Time You Don’t Feel Well…

Have a bowl of

Geht's Own Cricket Noodle Soup

and a sandwich on the side made with

Bumblebees chink Light "Tuna" Made with real bees

I think of the movie Snowpiercer and wonder what horrified people more – the thought of the main character engaging in cannibalism by eating an infant or the image of passengers eating “protein bricks” straight from the bug hopper.

Both ideas were meant to horrify North Americans. Culturally we are taught not to eat either. How hard do you think the push back will be when those who think they are all-that-and-a-bag-of-chips try to force insects on us?

I don’t know what you are complaining about.

Squished spiders are delicious!

My understanding is that murder hornets don’t have any natural predators in this country. Perhaps we could serve them up to all those trying to force others to eat bugs. We’ll tell them it’s “bee”f.


Handmade Butterfly Quilt.
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Cotton Balls

What happened to you? Did you lose a fight with a bag of cotton balls?
Actually, that would have been more fun.

Today I got to experience nerve conduction testing. While not as bad as I was expecting, it still wasn’t much fun. Basically they stick needles into your muscles (while insisting that you remain completely relaxed as they do!) then ask you to flex so that they can check how your nerves and muscles are working. Some times they shock you with electricity (probably mostly for amusement). Where they stabbed me in the back, I developed some colorful goose eggs. I take turmeric, which acts as a blood thinner, so I ended up with cotton ball band-aids all over.

The take away? I can add Lou Gehrig’s Disease to my list of things I don’t have.

Another “you” post? This is getting boring.


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We Want to Help You Succeed!

Mommy is drawn inside of the Ghost Buster symbol

Oh wait, not you. You’re old.

The local technical college has been conducting demonstrations at local libraries introducing the public to their various career programs. I decided to go to one to see what they might have to offer and ask questions about certification requirements. They took one look at me and politely said that they can only help “student aged” people, not a “continuing education” someone such as myself.


Have I told you lately that you’re old? That’s right, I don’t have to. Someone else did.


Dream Our World

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For whatever reason or combination of reasons, I am completely blocked creatively. I can’t draw. I can’t paint. I can’t focus my thoughts at all. A friend suggested that I try doing little 15 minute sketches each day to try to recover. Even these are miserable to try to do. I feel like I’ve had far too much caffeine and can barely sit still.

Perhaps you can find one of your babies here, sacrificed for my need for source photos. I apologize for not being able to capture their true natures. I’m trying, though. I’m really trying.

At least she didn’t draw you looking like a teddy bear!


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The MRI says my brian is "unremarkable". We could have told you that.

Yes, once again I had a procedure that told me absolutely nothing about what is going on with me. I suppose I should be happy that this process of elimination is helping me to find the real problem, but this morning when doctor’s office called they pretty much said that after the nerve conduction testing next month, there is nothing more they have to offer. Great. Now I have another month and a half of falling down before going through more testing that will most likely have “inconclusive” results.

Coincidentally the night before the test I watched a bad movie where a running joke was one of the characters trying to break into the recording industry by composing House Music. The music was truly awful but was considered greatly improved when a nearly-dead man in his apartment started tapping a single note over and over on the composer’s keyboard. It turns out that MRI’s sound just like that awful House Music! It was all I could do to keep from laughing as that single repeating note kept being blasted through the tube to the counterpoint of musical sounds the machine made. (If you haven’t had an MRI, they are very musical. They don’t just make the ka-chunk, ka-chunk sound shown in TV medical dramas.)

I have a friend who has been very supportive and keeps encouraging me saying that it’s not that nothing is wrong with me but that the doctors haven’t found anything because they aren’t asking the right questions. In the meantime, my technical diagnosis still remains “bull sh*t lying hypochondriac bit*h”.

Oh my gosh, would you quit yammering about yourself already and tell a story about me?!?

Next time, puppy.


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Requiem for a Squash

This industrious pumpkin planted itself early in the spring. Once it blossomed, the fruit doubled in size nearly every day. This is how big the determined pumpkin got before cutworms got the better of it.

I don’t know what my heartbroken little Toby will do when fall arrives.

I’ll tell you what I’ll do. I’ll make you go to the store and buy me some pumpkins!!!


Dream Our World

What would two puppies do if left on their own in an art museum? Find out in Dream Our World! Inside the boys discover the world of art from a canine perspective and enjoy a day of unsupervised fun.

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