Still remembering the fall…I am so down. Without being able to walk, I can't sleep; my appetite is off; I can't even draw.

Why don't you take a nice relaxing bath? That will make you feel better.

My legs won't bend enough so I can't even do that! I need one of those old lady tubs with the door in the side.

Whaaaaa!!!! So, do you think she will start hawking Vitameatavegamin next or stuffing her blouse with chocolates? I am hoping for the chocolates, myself.

(It was the chocolates.)


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That Time of Year

Woman cleans while her pups look on.

Mommy’s on a cleaning binge

It’s quite a sight to see.

I fear that with those other things

She’ll also throw out me!

Mommy's on a cleaning binge. It's quite a sight to see. I fear that with those other things she'll also throw out me!

Every year I tell  myself that I am going to do a good job of keeping up with paperwork and putting things away.  I vow that I will not hoard useless knickknacks or keep every book I meet.  January after January somehow finds me buried in paperwork –  downing in sentiment.

Toby hates when I get into these cleaning moods because it means less time playing with him.  Today he would much rather me be kicking snow for him to catch than doing boring filing and running the dreaded vacuum.  I tell him that he should be happy that there will be more room for us to chase tennis balls if he lets me finish my clean up, but I can tell he doesn’t believe me.

Bored terrier lies next to his tennis ball.

I guess I should just be happy that we’re less likely to be

featured on an episode of Hoarders.


Cover of the book Dream Our World

Come with the boys to a place where there are no nasty vacuums – to The Museum of the Imagination!  In Dream Our World Bitey and Toby visit the museum of their dreams and look at artwork from a canine perspective.

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.

(Tomorrow we contact another museum.  Wish us luck!)


Double Oops

My last post was about Bitey and Toby’s book finally being assigned a card catalog number.  I found out I was mistaken about an hour after I posted, so I hurried to hide the post before I could embarrass myself.  Oops, instead I just made the post so that no one could comment on it. If I were my own employee, I would fire myself.

Anyway, please forget any mention of Bitey making it into the library system.  He’s not there yet.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Sad Emoji


Dream Our World is available from Amazon in case you would like to read it!

Casinos and Malls

Poker chips

Not my photo.  Borrowed from public domain stock.

The local newspaper had an article about half a dozen stores closing at the nearby mall.  My family went, hoping to catch some going-out-of-business deals only to find that most of the stores were already closed.  They said the mall was a sad, empty place and that they did not want to go back.

Supposedly the casino that is negotiating for space in the mall is really happy about what is going on.  I am not sure why.  When the casino had been first proposed, one goal was to bring traffic into the mall complex in order to keep retail businesses alive.  Now that two of the four anchor stores are gone, I can’t imagine that anyone will want to remain paying over-inflated rent there.  I expect the few remaining store to close soon, too.

I am glad that last year I tried to stock up on everything I could to last me the rest of my forever.  There are some items I simply do not trust to online purchases, and the local teeny-tiny Walmart doesn’t carry.

I am sad to see the days of in-person shopping gone not only for nostalgic purposes but for those who can’t afford phones for online shopping and payment.

Two Cairn terriers sitting in the grass.

My boys aren’t worried, but maybe they should be.  What happens when PetSmart is online-only?  Where will they go to catch up with friends and meet potential new siblings on Adoption Day?