Mommy Eats Worms

What happened? She was turned down for two jobs this week.

She says nobody loves her, and she's going to pretend that plate of spaghetti is worms. Should she really be eating if she's not working?

I earn my keep. You need to earn yours.

It’s funny that even with a worker shortage, I can still find plenty of places willing to say “no” to me.


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  1. Awww, I’m sorry. Well, just think of it as the universe not wanting you to be a sandwich artist or a barista or a secretary. You strike me as the sort of person who would have a job that one doesn’t apply for, but rather creates.

    And yup, I’m extremely familiar with the “worms” song, however have never heard of the “ gopher” song. Perhaps it also goes by groundhog , or as I call them grounddogs. Although we do name all our grounddogs “Clover”. I think we’re up to Clover number 5 or 6 by now..

    Oh, and I appreciate your reference to The Princess Bride! (You laugh at/ mock my pain).

    Oh, and I bet Toby would scarf those wormies right down! 😃

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