I Felt a Great Disturbance in the Force

Toby Wan stands with his light saber.


For years, scientists have known that plants emit chemicals into the soil to communicate with each other. The plants send chemical messages through fungal networks to warn other plants about threats in their environment. Plants also emit electrical signals to sense and respond to what is going on around them. That lovely scent of a freshly mown lawn? It is actually all those blades of grass and flowers releasing chemicals as a cry for help with whatever is damaging them.

For those who feel they are doing something extra ethical by not eating “something with a face” and instead eat plants, this article might be interesting.

Plants make audible sounds to communicate stress

It turns out that not only do plants use chemicals, electrical signals and fungi to signal distress, they also make sounds. While above the limits of ordinary human hearing, the sounds plants make can be heard by insects and animals.

Last week we had an island of sunny dryness in an otherwise cold and rainy fortnight. Everyone in town cut their lawns at the same time. Imagine the disturbance in the Force that day. For those with ears to hear, the clicking-screams must have been deafening.

Like I care. I’m going to keep eating grass whenever I want!

I think Toby’s biggest complaint about the Great Mow Day was that all the tall grass clumps he chooses for #1 were gone at the same time. It was so hard to decide where to go.


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Rhymes With Orange

Did you know there is no word that rhymes with "orange"? What about "Blancmange"?


Oh that reminds me, when is Wimbledon?

Don’t worry, it’s not till July, but you should get your tickets early.

I wanna be a ball retriever!


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如果 / If

If humans dug the way they’re supposed to (with their paws), they wouldn’t need shovels.


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Dream Our World


Alert ears heard that an official from Rancho Cucamonga helped to broker a sister city agreement between a nearby town in California and the Hindu nation of Kailaasa.

*Image borrowed from the internet*

People in my state would never do something that silly. Oh wait…

Tony DeLuca, a longtime Pennsylvania representative, was re-elected despite having died in October after a battle with lymphoma. Photograph: Rep. Anthony DeLuca facebook page

Not just re-elected. Re-elected by a landslide.

Mom, can we have a sister? And not the Hindu rapist kind. No, more like a Bichon. Or a Sheltie!

Geordie had a thing for Shelties. I like all girls!


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You have tendonitis? How did that happen? It's a great mystery. I guess we'll never know.

Yes. A great mystery. I guess we’ll never know.

(Terriers may look all little and cute, but they weight as much as a cinder block.)

I have no idea what you’re talking about.



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Another Derailment

...And in other news, there was yet another train derailment in Ohio... See? That just proves it. Nothing good comes from Ohio.

What do you mean? I’m not from here?


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Toxic Rain

Ooh, look. Two tails! Is rain supposed to be green? I don't remember carrots having eyes.

Yeah, we live kind of close to East Palestine.

I like my tail, but I’m happy with just one.


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Kiss of Death

I feel like such bad luck. Every time I try to do something, it fails. If I buy a product from a company, it goes out of business. If I train for a career, it becomes obsolete.
One time I applied to work in an other country, and it was plunged into a civil war from which it still hasn't recovered.
Now I've volunteered to work the fundraising dinner at church. I wonder if I will destroy a whole religion or only a congregation. Honestly I feel like the kiss of death.
Maybe if you brushed your teeth more often?

See? I told you I don’t get any respect.


Little pig smiles as she lies on her favorite blanket

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