Grooming Day (And Other Stories)

On Tuesday I decided to trade Toby in on a skinny puppy with short fur and big eyes. Not a bad bargain.

When we got to the groomer’s, Toby figured that if he never got out of the car he wouldn’t have to get a bath. He firmly planted himself on the seat and refused to budge while I tried to tempt him with beef cubes and sweet words. The whole time I was struggling, the lady in the car beside us was laughing and laughing. She said she used to have a Cairn terrier, and he was equally stubborn. She asked if she could take a picture of Toby to send to her daughter as their pup had died several years ago and was still deeply missed by the family.

We talked for a few more minutes, and she mentioned that her Cairn’s dad was named “Robbie” and was from a town not far away. I was stunned for a moment. I asked, “Did you adopt your pup around 2006?” She said that sounded about right. Robbie was my dog’s dad too! It turned out that her dog any my Geordie were littermates!

Happy memories of brother biting.

One day the two brothers showed up at the vet’s office for checkups at the same time. These photos are of them doing their Smothers Brothers “Mom Always Liked You Best” routine. (The one doing the biting was, of course, my boy.)


If the story is not about me, then who cares?


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Onion Grass

A friend who lives in a different part of the country said she had never heard of onion grass. I thought I would take some pictures of mine to show her what it looks like. Of course I took stinky monster with.

This is onion grass. It is kind of like chives. It inconveniently grows in the middle of lawns, and when you mow, the whole neighborhood smells like an Italian restaurant.

The roots are deeper than you might think, so it’s not easy to pull them out.

As soon as Toby noticed that I was getting rid of the onions, he wanted to help. He would dig around the roots, then try to pull them out with his teeth. What was funny was that he really didn’t like the taste or the smell of the grass. He would snort and sneeze each time he did it.

Mom, are you digging something? Then I want to dig too. Achoo!

No matter where I sat, he had to come right up next to me to dig. He covered me with dirt and filled my boots – but not in a good way.

Not my image.

My mom tells stories of when she was little, and her family bought milk from a nearby farm. She could always tell when the cows got into the onion grass because their milk tasted like onion. I can’t imagine how horrible that must have been with oatmeal.


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Speckled Eggs at Easter

Can you find the eggs hidden in this picture?

Since I took this picture, the Mama Killdeer (or perhaps it was the Papa Killdeer?) laid another egg.

Here is one of the parent (birth-giver?) birds sitting on the nest. When they are still, it can be quite difficult to find them.

If Toby comes near the nest, the Killdeer try to lead him away from it. This parent (I mean birth-giver) is right on the edge of the gravel heading toward the grass.

If the bird still feels threatened, it will poop while running away. Then it will chirp a lot and do a broken wing display. Toby is very entertained by this. He has high hopes that someday he will catch this bird.

The Killdeer made this nest at a nearby church. I am sure to them it seemed like a wonderfully peaceful location with hardly anyone around. Then along came Easter, and the world went crazy. But, perhaps they did this on purpose. Maybe sitting on a nest is boring, and this is like theater to them.

Let’s make it interactive theater, shall we?


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The Cultivator

I recently got a new garden tool. After using it a few times, I am not sure it can compete with my old one.

First, I try to pull a weed. / Toby is off in his own world.

Then he he stops in order to see what I am doing.

First the left paw…

Then the right…

Then get out of the way, mom, it’s Toby’s turn to work!

What was so interesting about this experience was that Toby watched which weeds I was digging up, then he sought them out and removed them himself. I don’t know if he meant to be helpful or if he thought he was depriving me of the fun of clearing ground, but it sure was great having him around!

I’m a good digger. I know it.


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Satan’s Little Helper

Today is the day I change linens and gather dirty laundry. Toby decided to come in and “help” me. (How can something so evil be so cute?)

Who says the two are mutually exclusive?


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A Bowling Ball Named Homer

This was Toby’s actual Valentine’s Day gift for me – a colorful Loofah dog. He said he didn’t think I would play with it that much, so he would do it for me. What a sweetie.

In true Toby fashion, he would only agree to a photo if his face were blurry.

Don’t you remember? Valentine’s Day

is my Gotcha Day, so I deserve all the presents.


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The Greatest Christmas Gift

In grade school we had to do a play where characters needed to learn that the greatest gift was not gold or silver but love. I have come to learn that the greatest gift is not love: it’s poop.

Scherenschnitte=type picture of two doggies pooping.

Across north America we faced unusually cold temperatures over the Christmas holiday. In this area it was -5 with a windchill of -30 for days. I know other parts of the country had far worse weather (and our hearts go out to you!), but this was the worst that Toby had ever encountered.

My boy was willing to run out and do super-quick #1s, but when it came to #2 he said he could wait. And wait he did…for days and days. By Christmas eve, he was the crankiest puppy I had ever encountered. He had two meltdowns that day, just like a human toddler. He was in such a mood that he decided to start opening presents – any presents – even those not his.

I tried to tell him it was OK if he went inside. I even set out some piddle pads just in case. I told him he could go anywhere he wanted and not be in trouble, but he just looked at me as if I were crazy to even suggest such a thing. Sneakily I kept giving him pumpkin and coconut water, trying to make going so easy that he could get done before his paws froze to the ground.

Finally, late at night as shepherds kept watch and angels sang, Toby finally went #2. Of all the gifts I got for Christmas, I think this was the best.

Silly. Any dog could have told you that poop is the greatest gift.


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Christmas Puppy

Each year my folks ask for gift suggestions for what I would like for Christmas. Mostly my lists are practical items like food, books or shoes, but I also like to throw in a wild card like a pony or a sports car just for fun. This year I had seen a decoration that I thought was adorable. It was a light up Christmas puppy. I decided that would be this year’s wild card.

To my surprise, I got the wild card! Christmas Puppy has been a hit with the neighborhood ever since he arrived. So many people have stopped to comment on him. Here he is sitting next to the remains of Pee Man. I tried to get Toby to pose next to Christmas Puppy, but…well, Toby.

Here is Christmas Puppy siting next to our garden pumpkins.

Here is Toby posing with the garden pumpkins.

(I think Christmas Puppy will be Toby’s stand in from now on.)

Toby innocently stands there, wondering what mommy is looking at.

I don’t know why you are making such a fuss about that thing.

I am your real Christmas puppy!!

Toby isn’t kidding. He is an almost-Christmas birthday boy!

It’s a little early, but Happy Birthday my evil, bitey one!

Snowman Aftermath

Ow, my back! Boys, bring me my pills!
What happened? She's too old to build a snowman. Owie owie owie owie!

Yeah, I’m too old to build a snowman.

Cairn terrier pup standing in snow.

I could have told you that.

So what are we grateful this Thanksgiving? Advil.


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