After Thursday Comes Pieday!

Aagh! Gladys!

Aaagh!  Gladys!

This turned out to be a wonderful year for pumpkin pie…not so much for pumpkins.  Mwahahaha!

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

Don’t worry, Mom.  I’ll help you!

(Toby loooves pumpkin.)


Geordie Update:

Sleepy Cairn terrier after finishing his meal.

My left side looks a little funny because I have to use corn oil based eye drops, and it gets on my fur.

Geordie surprised us all again this week.  He was in such bad shape a few days ago that I thought I might have to make the type of decision for him that I didn’t want to.  It was obvious that he was sick and in pain.  Grandpa decided to get him some CBD oil to try just to see if it might help.

I gave Geordie only a quarter dose at first to make sure he didn’t have a reaction to it.  Not only didn’t he have a reaction, he demanded more oil right away.  Then he demanded food.  Then he demanded to go outside.  Then he demanded a chance to sun himself.  Wow.  Any time Geordie is bossing me around is a good day!

The woman who sold the oil said that the effects are cumulative and not to expect much right away.  This is either the second or third day that he has been taking it, and already he is demanding to go on walks.  Amazing!

Next week, I am heading out looking for some CBD oil of my own.


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The Supine Not-Pine and a Canine

Today Toby and I went to the woods to spread some acorns we had collected.

Hand holding acorns

Remember this guy?

Tree growing although it has been knocked over.

Look!  It seems we have finally shamed someone into doing something!

Sideways tree is gone, and only tall grass remains

The removal must have been within the past week because no one had cut the tall grass that had grown around the trunk.

Tall grass where tree trunk had blocked mowers.

Initially I thought someone had pushed the trunk into the woods like I had, but it had been hauled away.

Cross section of cut trunk.

I would have liked to have taken a picture of the part of the tree that remains in the woods to show how huge this fellow had been, but I am allergic to all of the plants that grew up around it.  Maybe later when they die back I can return.

As you can see, Toby was his typically cooperative self.

Picture of dog's shoulder.

Photo of dog's chin.

Poorly framed photo of Cairn terrier.


Geordie didn’t go with us today.  My little guy hasn’t been feeling all that well.  I can see that the heat and humidity are getting to him, as is his arthritis.  I am hoping that the cooler weather will help him to feel better, but I suspect his time with us is short.  It has already been two years since his cancer diagnosis.  He has exceeded everyone’s expectations, but I can see that he is tired.

Elderly, sleeping Cairn terrier.

Although it hurts thinking of my Geordie leaving, I find myself hoping that another pup will come along to play with Toby and me and brighten our days.  Some say that once a pup crosses the Rainbow Bridge, he or she finds the perfect new companion for the earthly family.  No one can replace you, Geordie, but if you meet someone who would have fun with us, please send them our way!


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Toby’s Prize

Sweet potato that Toby dug up in the garden

Toby had a special something

TOday that he found.

It was an orange tuber that was

Hiding in the ground.

He dug it up with his own paws

From its dark hiding place.

He showed it off to me and Mom

A huge grin on his face!


I wish I had the camera ready when Toby found this giant sweet potato (It was 9″-10″ long.)  .  I don’t think I have ever seen such a big smile on his puppy face.  This just reinforced to him that digging in the garden is great fun.

I am tempted to hide a few potatoes in the dirt and set him loose to find them.  If all goes well, the tilling should get done with very little effort on my part.

Psychedelic Pup

Hippie Toby says:  I really dig gardening.


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If you are wondering about Toby’s commentary on the Pollack picture, like most kids, he doesn’t appreciate abstract art.  He is saying, “Heck, I could do that!”


Toby Was Attacked

New puppy greets Geordie by jumping on him.

I am feeling lazy today, so I  borrowed a picture from Geordie’s past to help illustrate Toby’s day.

My little Toby is a rather timid guy who has a deep and abiding affection for his girlfriend.  Between her house and ours is a little terrier girl who has it in for Toby.  Over the weeks, her behavior has escalated.  At first she would just howl at him.  Later she crossed the street to head-butt him and do some growling.  Today she spotted us half a block away and chased after us before we could walk away.  Her teen human chased after her, but this little pup is a terrier and won’t come when called.  Ms. Crabby Puppy not only head-butted Toby and growled but bit him hard enough to make him yelp.  No blood was drawn, but come on.  This should not be happening.

Since Toby wasn’t hurt, I didn’t look into filing a report.  Also, I didn’t have any third party witnesses to back up my claims.  To Toby’s great dismay, we won’t be walking down that street any longer.  This doesn’t guarantee us safety from the little dog, though.  She was the one I walked home on the day of The Great Roundup, so she has been known to roam the neighborhood.

I guess Toby is going to have to make the ultimate sacrifice and find a girlfriend who lives on a different street.

Sad Cairn terrier looks out of door.

No one in the history of the world has ever been as sad as I am.


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Look Out Blue Puppy…

…there is a new toy in town!Mumy Loofah dog poses for mug shot.

Sude view of Loofah dog posing for mug shot

Side view of mummy Loofah dog toy

Mummy Mug Shots

On impulse I brought home this mummy Loofah dog for Toby.  I realized that poor guy has never had one of his own, although he had several hand-me-downs from Geordie.

Toby went crazy for the toy!  He has been playing with it non-stop.  He loves hitting Geordie with the it and asking me to throw his toy.  He carries Loofah Dog out to potty with him, and they sleep together in Toby’s kennel.

I am not sure if Blue Puppy is jealous or if he is happy for the reprieve.  So far he hasn’t barked a word.

100_5352 - Copy (2)



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The Giant Sunflowers

Ha!  I had to borrow a camera, but I finally got pictures of the giant sunflowers in the garden.

Giant sunflower head

Close up of giant sunflower head.

Photo of two giant sunflower heads.

Photo of drooping, giant sunflower head.

At the end of the day

they turned off their suns,

nodded their heads

and fell fast asleep.


And then the puppies peed on them

Who, me? I wouldn't pee on the sunflowers.

Who, me?  I wouldn’t pee on the sunflowers. 

The tomatoes, maybe….


Cover of the book Dream Our World

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Digital picture of Toby howling at the moon.


Loonies, they call us, who howl at the moon.

Our song starts at dusk, and we’ll howl until noon.

We like best to sing no particular tune.

You may as well join us; we’re starting up soon!


Cover of the book Dream Our World

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