The Snowman

Look, it's snowing! I think I'll build the boys a snowman while they're sleeping.
They're going to be so surprised.
The next morning...
Hey guys, come see what I've done!
Yay, a pee man! If I give him my hat, can I bring him to life?

Yesterday was the first snow of the season. I took Toby outside to play, and we decided to build a snowman. As I rolled the snow across the ground, I picked up pee spot after pee spot after pee spot. When I was done, I had more pee than snow. Toby was thrilled and even kicked the dirty snow into my face. (Thanks, Toby.) It was one of the grossest experiences I’ve had.

After some of the pee melted off, we decided that the snowman looked like a despondent cat.

Cairn terrier pup standing in snow.

You didn’t like my pee snow? I don’t believe it.


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Toby Was Here

Toby was here

Who else were you expecting?


Cover of the book Dream Our World

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Chili Out?


Smiling chili pepper toy.


Toby told me he head to pee, so I clipped his collar and leash on and headed toward the door.  Before we stepped out, he cried “Wait!” and dashed back into the room to grab his new stuffed chili pepper.

Cairn terrier allows his stuffed chili pepper toy to go pee.

Whenever Toby has a toy that he likes, he fusses over it like a good papi.  He likes to take his toys out to give them a chance to relieve themselves.

Cairn terrier peeing.

Aw, Mom, don’t show that one!  I was standing like a girl.

Once Toby and the toy were done, he picked up his little one to bring back inside.

Cairn terrier approaches his stuffee chili pepper toy.

Cairn terrier touches his stuffed chili papper toy.

Cairn terrier carries his toy chili pepper.

Cairn terrier gazes off into the distance while hoding his stuffed chili pepper toy.

 I can hear the wild chili peppers

calling off in the distance!

As always, Toby was extremely cooperative when having his picture taken.  He stood perfectly still so that I could capture his portrait in perfect detail.


Pencil drawing of a boxer and a kitty lying down beside each other.

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Hope to see you soon!




Mommy Is Not As Important As She Thought She Was

Tree growing although it has been knocked over.

Cross section of cut trunk.

Toby says:

Today I took Mom for a walk through the park at the end of the street, but this time we approached from the opposite direction.  From this angle, Mom could see that her selfless efforts were not the driving force that shamed the township into removing the fallen tree from the park.  No, from the top of the hill you could tell that the gas company was simply clearing the area above the buried pipeline, and the tree had been in the way.  Ha!  Boy did I have a good time laughing at her perceived self-importance.

At the same time, they were doing something to the ink vine berry weed that grows rampant along the edge of the woods.  We couldn’t tell if it had been cut or sprayed or both, but there was much less of it.  Mom has mixed emotions about that.  The weeds help to keep the hillside from washing down to the road below.  On the other hand, she is allergic to the stuff, and her face swells if she touches it.  Take that, ink vine berry weed!

In the Spring, Mom had hoped to set free in the woods a little oak tree that had sprouted in the garden (as you may remember from The Airborne Oak ).  There are now two maple saplings growing happily in the garden despite being nearly devoured by bunnies.  Mom had hoped to set them free in the woods, but with all of this recent work, it doesn’t look like that would be a safe place for them either.  It would be nice if there were a quiet area for them to grow up.  They could help mitigate some of the rain forest losses from earlier this year.

Could anyone use two baby maples?  Seriously, if you pee on them now, by the time they grow up, yours will be the highest pee in the neighborhood!

Photo of dog's chin.

Just check out how high my pee could be!


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The Azalea According to Toby

Very sad looking little azalea plant.

Despite my best efforts to keep him away from it, Toby picked this little azalea as his favorite peeing spot over the Winter.  I can only imagine what his daily waterings did to the plant.  As you can see it doesn’t look quite like the other Spring flowers.  I am not positive, but I think it heard it murmuring something that sounded like “electric fence“.


I don’t know what you are complaining about.  It looks fine to me.


There is still time to order Poopiter before reading Bitey and Toby’s next book.  It will introduce the characters and help to better explain the picture “Peppermint Girl”.

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

I will be posting a link to the new book later this week!

Snowby II


Snowman shaped like a terrier.

Whee!  We got lucky and had more packing snow this week.  I couldn’t resist, and I built another Snowby (Snow + Toby).  Note the cinnamon swirl tummy and the heart on his chest.  It was actually a leaf that had been caught up in the snow – but how convenient!

When I was a kid, I didn’t get to build snowmen.  Now that I am old, I take great joy in them.  My boys like sharing in the activity but in more of a destructive role.  I have to keep Toby far, far away from my creations because he will tear up snow balls as fast as I can roll them.

Bitey sitting next to "surrendering" snowman.


Puppy Geordie used to wait until I had the snowman assembled before he would destroy it.  I had to build snowmen with their arms in surrender posture so they were high enough that Geordie couldn’t reach them.

Toby attacks his snowmen by peeing on them.  I am pretty sure this Snowby is disgusted with us and is going to leave for the North Pole this weekend.