The Dogged Beatles

You know, I believe the Beatles were really dogs. What makes you say that?
So many of their songs are about things that interest us. Like what?
Think about it. There are songs like "Hey Chewed" and Eleanor BigPee". Even "Norwegian Food". (What do you suppose Norwegian food is anyway? Pro'lly fish.) What about "Yellow Submarine"?
Why do you think it was yellow?

Poor Toby needs a hobby.

Don’t go blaming me for this nonsense. You’re the one who’s crazy.


Dream Our World

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The MRI says my brian is "unremarkable". We could have told you that.

Yes, once again I had a procedure that told me absolutely nothing about what is going on with me. I suppose I should be happy that this process of elimination is helping me to find the real problem, but this morning when doctor’s office called they pretty much said that after the nerve conduction testing next month, there is nothing more they have to offer. Great. Now I have another month and a half of falling down before going through more testing that will most likely have “inconclusive” results.

Coincidentally the night before the test I watched a bad movie where a running joke was one of the characters trying to break into the recording industry by composing House Music. The music was truly awful but was considered greatly improved when a nearly-dead man in his apartment started tapping a single note over and over on the composer’s keyboard. It turns out that MRI’s sound just like that awful House Music! It was all I could do to keep from laughing as that single repeating note kept being blasted through the tube to the counterpoint of musical sounds the machine made. (If you haven’t had an MRI, they are very musical. They don’t just make the ka-chunk, ka-chunk sound shown in TV medical dramas.)

I have a friend who has been very supportive and keeps encouraging me saying that it’s not that nothing is wrong with me but that the doctors haven’t found anything because they aren’t asking the right questions. In the meantime, my technical diagnosis still remains “bull sh*t lying hypochondriac bit*h”.

Oh my gosh, would you quit yammering about yourself already and tell a story about me?!?

Next time, puppy.


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Toby’s Pig

I once had a pig with no nose. How'd he smell?

And there is your Bad Dad Joke of the day!

Happy Fathers’ Day to all the Papas out there.

What? I didn’t want him telling on me if I tooted.


Dream Our World

What would two puppies do if left on their own in an art museum? Find out in Dream Our World! Inside the boys discover the world of art from a canine perspective and enjoy a day of unsupervised fun.

Dream Our World is available form my shop.

Mommy’s Tick

Help, I have a tick! It's the worst pain in the entire world! She's doomed!
Don't worry. I'll save you!
That's not what happened. Who is the world going to believe? You or me?

Well, it was my turn to get a tick this week. I foolishly laid down in the grass to stretch my back, and one of those blood-thirsty little suckers got me. Toby said he was glad I finally knew what it felt like to be snacked on by a bug and that I should have much more sympathy for him and that I should give him more Milk Bones to make up for all the suffering he has gone through and the Milk Bone compensation is retroactive to Geordie’s lifetime and it extends to other animals that have ticks too. In other words, many more Milk Bones.

Many, many more Milk Bone

Dig in the Garden

Mom! Mom! Can we go dig in the garden? I'm sorry guys, but I've already started planting. You won't be able to dig out there for a while.
Oh whoa is us! We are the saddest puppies in the whole world! That's not how you spell "woe". Be quiet. We're upset. We never get to have any fun. At all. Ever!
Hey wait, what are you two doing with my shoes? Don't worry about it.

She’s a fool if she thinks she is going to keep me from my dirt!

This is the latest I’ve ever been putting in the garden, but Toby doesn’t appreciate the extra digging time he had. All he sees is that fence between where he is and where he wants to be. Poor evil beastie. He is in for several weeks of disappointment…well, till the beans come in.

Terrier looking up at basket of green beans.

What can I say? I am a sucker for green beans.

It’s Finally Here

Thank you to everyone who gave me suggestions about my prescription!

I did some calling around and found that the pharmacy I had randomly chosen was charging 7x what a neighboring pharmacy was and that is why my claim kept being denied. I called my doctor and asked if she would call the prescription in to the other pharmacy, and she said yes. Within half an hour I got a call back saying that my medication was waiting at the new place and would only cost me $3.00 for a two month supply. Suddenly treatment is no longer “medically unnecessary”. Yay.

The elusive box of medicine.

Maybe now I will be able to get back to a normal life where I don’t have to be afraid of lights or air conditioning. 👍

Thank you again, everyone!

Now that that’s settled, can we go back to talking about me?

Not a Cat, Not a Brain…

Not a cat, not a brain, nothing.

Not a cat. Not a brain. Nothing.

I got all of my test results back and found out that I have…absolutely nothing. This is the way it’s been for the past 30+ years. Nothing shows up in blood work or X rays, so technically I am healthy.

My veins object to people trying to take what is theirs.

The reason I went to a doctor was to get a prescription for eye drops so that hopefully I could go back to doing computer work and painting. The insurance company, however, determined that the eye drops are “medically unnecessary”, so here I sit with no computer or paints, trying to figure out a future with limited eye usage.

Did you know there is such a thing as ocular rosacea? I didn’t.

A friend sent me a few articles on supplements that seem to help people like me who are having odd, random symptoms. Perhaps one or a combination of them might get me to a point where I can at least draw some Bitey Dogs again.

Toby seems to have an opinion on all that is going on, but he only knows how to express himself as a growling, tantrum-throwing fiend. He has attacked me three times in the past two weeks. They say God sends you the family you are supposed to have. I must have really ticked Him off at some point.

What are you looking at? Grrrr….

On an unrelated note, if you haven’t seen the movie The Miracle at Cokeville, it is a particularly uplifting story given recent events.


Hooray! Mommy gave me a cake!

What if I put some peanut butter on it?
I'll take it!

Monday brought the most incredible news. Toby’s groomer said he was a good boy! He was such a good boy that she didn’t even charge me a “Dangerous Animal” fee. Everyone decided that with Toby’s weight loss, his calming medicine worked more effectively.

To be honest, I would rather be fat and feisty.

(Yes Toby did get a treat for being a good boy, but only a small one.)

The Scan

They want to do a CAT scan of my brain to see if they find anything. I hope they find a brain! I hope they find a cat!

On Friday, I finally got to go to a doctor to get a referral to see (ha ha) an ophthalmologist. I figured while I was there, I would ask the doctor about a few other things like the dizzy spells I had in February. I mentioned that I had already updated my glasses and thought that maybe I needed to see an ENT?

No, given my cluster of seemingly unrelated symptoms, I was told that it sounds like I have something wrong with my brain, not my ears. The doctor immediately wrote out an order for me to have a CT scan. I asked her if by “wrong with my brain”, she meant tumor or disease, and she said that it seemed that a tumor was unlikely. What I described sounds like MS. Well, that was certainly not what I was expecting when I set out to get some Restasis that morning.

I went home and did some reading about MS, and it does sound like what I have been going through. I had always thought that MS was a terribly awful disease, but from the article I read it seems that if you take medication for it, you can lead a pretty normal life.

Toby has his next grooming session tomorrow, but as soon as we are done, I have a list of doctor appointments and tests that I need to schedule. While it sucks to have a disease, it would be nice if treatment could help me feel better. I want to be healthy enough to spoil my Toby as much as I can.

I could have told you there was something wrong with your brain without the scan.