Shadow Games

When I started Bitey Dog, it was really just a way for me to capture special memories of my boy.  This post is one of those.

Carn terrier puppy hiding under a chair.

I played just like when I was a puppy!

Geordie has always loved chasing flashlight beams.  He will run himself to the point of exhaustion barking at full volume while chasing the light all over the house.  In bad weather, it was a nice cheating way to exercise my boy.

For some reason, Toby does not see the light as something to be chased…but Geordie is.  Toby knows that if Geordie goes on a run-and-bark tare, he will be yelled at.  Toby can’t stand raised voices or angry family, so he does his best to keep Geordie in check.  As Geordie sprints by, Toby will reach over and chomp him on the butt.

When Toby’s tennis ball rolled under the furniture and I needed the flashlight to find it, Geordie insisted on a game.  In spite of being sick, I had him running, barking and jumping all over the place just like when he was a puppy.  Toby got in just as much exercise chasing Geordie and trying to bite him.

It was just a little game, but it was so nice to see that  my Geordie still has the energy to run and play.  It helps me to remember that he will always be that crazy ball of fluff both in this world and the next.


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Not Cool, Mom!

Sketch of Cairn terrier dog.

Seriously, you chose this picture?!?

When Geordie saw the picture of Toby I posted on the blog, he insisted that I put a picture of him up next.  For some reason he is unhappy about this one.

This is a draft of one of the pictures in his (and Toby’s.  Don’t tell him Toby is in the book too) next book.  Although I have been working on it for a year, it feels like I am never going to get done.

This book is filled with so many memories for me.  It has also been a great opportunity for me to learn more about working with digital media.  At the rate I am going, though, I will die of oldness long before I ever get done.


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Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

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Halloween Memories

001 - Copy (2) - CopyWe all know who did it.  The guy in the middle.

004 - Copy

Bwaah!  Too much partying last night!

003 - Copy

“Awwoo!  I hate spiders!”    (“And I’m none too fond of wolves.”)

003 - Copy (3)

I don’t know why no one comes to visit.

003 - Copy (4)

Come a little closer, dearies….

Back when it was just Geordie and me, we used to carve pumpkins together.

Geordie and the Pumpkin 1

He would climb inside the pumpkins as I would try to work and try to eat them from the inside out.    Since Toby has come along, things have been too chaotic to try any holiday decorating.  I feel bad that my little guy hasn’t had a chance to climb inside his own pumpkin.

If only he were Peter, Peter Pumpkin-Eater’s dog….

Good News on the Headcount

We got word last week that our church attendance is good enough for the diocese to keep out parish open.  Yeah!  Of course the higher ups complained that we don’t give enough money.  (We could give infinity and it would not be enough.)


Hey, does this mean we can keep peeing on the statues?

We have sort of consolidated into a smaller group of people which makes things more personal.  It also makes you feel obligated to get involved and help out.  I’ve been doing a little of that lately.  Despite how recent posts might make it sound, I am not much of a church person, but I do like helping out.  I would help any church that needed something I could provide.

This month we are collecting for the Cradle of Love to provide support for women who have decided to keep their babies.  Although I don’t have much, I went to the store to stock up on baby supplies to bring this weekend.  Maybe I will be able to help a child have an easier start in his or her life.

In the meantime, my boys and I will enjoy meeting our friends on the grounds and patrolling for bear and coyotes.  We are really happy that we get to continue using the outside of the church for our special time.


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Eddie 1 3000px

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The Headcount Saturday Roller Coaster

100_5030 - Copy (600x800)

It has been a tense week around here as people discuss whether or not our parish will remain open.  There was good news that although attendance was low last week (perhaps due to the Fall Festival and a terrible storm), contributions were the same as previous weeks.  This week attendance was fairly high, and we are hopeful the collection was good as well.  Dare we to hope?

Then came the news that the neighboring diocese is moving from 108 parishes to 57.  Yikes.  I don’t know how they can afford to do that.  If you close too many churches, people aren’t going to drive several hours to attend a mega church and deal with the parking nightmares that come with it.  I can’t picture the frail seniors of our parish making lengthy trips.  They will simply choose to stay home and worship in their own way.  This will lead to less money coming in which will lead to even more closures.

In the sad event this parish closes, I guess my puppies and I will have to go to the Methodist church for our quiet time.  They have a lovely, peaceful corner for reflection…but it just isn’t the same.

: – (


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We Need a New Name

I think we need a new name for this month.  It used to be that October was a chilly time,  unique in its crisp, colorful way.  With temps now a good 15-20 degrees above normal, it is more like August. The plants have come back to life.  The bees are active and cranky.  The humans still wear beach-style clothing.  No, I think we should call this month Augtober.  It seems more fitting.

Honey bee climbing on clover.

Cranky bees.

Violet blooming in Fall.

Flowers think it is Spring.


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