Look Out Blue Puppy…

…there is a new toy in town!Mumy Loofah dog poses for mug shot.

Sude view of Loofah dog posing for mug shot

Side view of mummy Loofah dog toy

Mummy Mug Shots

On impulse I brought home this mummy Loofah dog for Toby.  I realized that poor guy has never had one of his own, although he had several hand-me-downs from Geordie.

Toby went crazy for the toy!  He has been playing with it non-stop.  He loves hitting Geordie with the it and asking me to throw his toy.  He carries Loofah Dog out to potty with him, and they sleep together in Toby’s kennel.

I am not sure if Blue Puppy is jealous or if he is happy for the reprieve.  So far he hasn’t barked a word.

100_5352 - Copy (2)



Come one!  Come all!  You are invited on a journey of the imagination with my pups as they visit the museum of their dreams in Dream Our World.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Inside, the boys view major works of art through a canine perspective all while enjoying a day of unsupervised fun.







If Things Are So Great, Why Do They Suck So Bad?

I don’t understand how we can have the best economy this country has ever seen yet have retail choices that are worse than during the Depression.  Over and over, lately, I have tried to make ordinary, everyday purchases only to find that you can no longer get the basic essentials.

Last Summer I discovered that decent underwear for mature ladies is as hard to find as hens’ teeth.  Seriously, are we the segment of the population you most want to see going commando?

Leather shoes?  Forget about it!  Around here, Walmart has chased out all of the competition so there are no longer shoe stores or department stores with  shoe departments.  All we can “choose” is which style of podiatric-problem-inducing pieces of crap from Wally World we want to waste our money on.  Since I refuse to buy plastic shoes, I have been learning to preserve the already 25-30 year old leather shoes I have.  Looks like they are going to have to serve me for a long time to come.

Today’s rant was inspired by the discovery that you can no longer buy simple, white cotton socks.  Seriously? They ruined socks?   I went to the store to pick up the style that I have been wearing for years only to find that they don’t make them anymore.  Instead, nearly every style of sock has been replaced with thin, polyester, no-show, garishly-colored pieces of recycled garbage.  To cover my bases, I searched for what I want online, and my heart broke to read posts from people whose skin is bothered by synthetics and have nothing to wear.

I wish the world would realize that people are not one-size-fits all.  We need choices in fibers.  We need choices in sizes.  We need choices in lighting styles since some suffer serious migraines from particular types of bulbs.  For some, veggie burgers are a healthy dream come true, but to those with plant-based allergies, they are a suffocating death.  Come on America, you can do better.

Oh my gosh, aren't you don't complaining yet?!?

Oh please.  Aren’t you done complaining yet? 

Like your life is so hard.  Look at mine; all dressed up and no one to play with.

(Please ignore the grammar.  I choose to vent in the vernacular.)


For a good, old-fashioned reading experience, pick up a paper copy of Dream Our World.  In it, Geordie and Toby visit the museum of their dreams.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is an adventure where the world of art is interpreted through the eyes of my pups.





The Giant Sunflowers

Ha!  I had to borrow a camera, but I finally got pictures of the giant sunflowers in the garden.

Giant sunflower head

Close up of giant sunflower head.

Photo of two giant sunflower heads.

Photo of drooping, giant sunflower head.

At the end of the day

they turned off their suns,

nodded their heads

and fell fast asleep.


And then the puppies peed on them

Who, me? I wouldn't pee on the sunflowers.

Who, me?  I wouldn’t pee on the sunflowers. 

The tomatoes, maybe….


Cover of the book Dream Our World

Come join my boys as they visit the museum of their dreams in Dream Our World!



Digital picture of Toby howling at the moon.


Loonies, they call us, who howl at the moon.

Our song starts at dusk, and we’ll howl until noon.

We like best to sing no particular tune.

You may as well join us; we’re starting up soon!


Cover of the book Dream Our World

Join my boys as they explore the Museum of the Imagination in Dream Our World.  It is a fun adventure in art as seen through a pup’s eyes.

The Absconder

Whee! Aagh!

Today it was Toby’s turn to escape and run free through the clover.  I guess he saw what the little neighbor dog did and thought it seemed like fun.

True to his terrier nature, Toby absolutely refused to acknowledge me when I called him.  He had a grand time running all over the yard, peeing on plants and hunting chipmunks.

I finally caught the little stinker by opening the garden gate.  Toby can’t pass up a chance to eat dirt in the garden, so he streaked past me to get to his prize. I was thinking of making him wear a harness with a leash around the house like I did when he was little.  Instead, though, I may mix iron filings with his kibble and keep a giant horse shoe magnet by the door.  I find the idea more attractive.

Horse Shoe Magnet


Come visit my two attractive puppies at the MOTI as they visit the museum of their dreams in Dream Our World!

Cover of the book Dream Our World

The Day After


Little girl dog chases poor Toby

Notice how everything in the neighborhood happens near this same mailbox?

In The Great Roundup, I told how a little girl pup from the neighborhood invited herself on a walkabout, and I helped her get home.  I sort of thought that this might have been a bonding experience for us and that she would think fondly of me and mine afterwards.

Nope.  The next day Toby wanted to walk down her street because his favorite harem girl (remember her from Odoglisque in Dream Our World?) lives nearby.  Even though we were 1/4 of the way into the family across the street’s yard, this femme fatal came charging after my timid little Toby and rammed into him at full speed, growling all the while.

I try to be patient with the dogs realizing that they are a different species with a different perspective on the world, but this little girl really should be restrained.  I worry that she might hurt my Toby or turn on me.  There is also her own safety to worry about.  Little dogs don’t check for cars before crossing the street.

I hope I never need to draw a story about her using the color red.


Want to learn more about some of Toby’s favorite girlfriends?  Then check out Dream Our World! In it, Geordie and Toby visit the museum of their dreams.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

The Great Roundup

Several people chase a puppy who has escaped her yard.

We had a bit of excitement in the neighborhood today.   One of the local dogs decided to go on a walkabout.  We suspect she was heading to a neighbor’s house to look for her boys, not realizing they were still in school.

In all there were five of us trying to lure the little pup to safety.  Cars stopped in the street.  People ran home to grab treats and leashes.  What was scary was that this particular pup likes to hide underneath cars.  We were so worried that she would get into serious trouble.

After she was caught, I was nominated to walk the dog home.  Her family’s door was closed, and when I rang the bell, the pup couldn’t help herself and howled at the doorbell.  Ha!

(So what if I haven’t got my camera to work yet.  Stick figures can be just as fun!)


For some non-stick-figure fun, pick up a copy of Dream Our World.  In it, Bitey and Toby visit the museum of their dreams.

Cover of the book Dream Our World