He Played Me

Happy smiling Cairn terrier sitting next to flowers.

But Mom, doesn’t having cancer mean I automatically get everything I want?

Geordie’s lung cancer gives him a distinctive cough – a sort of *cough, cough, hack*  When first diagnosed Geordie coughed a lot, but with his medications he has barely coughed in months.  Recently I noticed Geordie coughing so much that he could hardly catch his breath….until he got what he wanted, then it miraculously stopped.  My Mom was with him when he was having one of these “fits”.  Worriedly she asked, “Shouldn’t you give him more medicine?”  I told her, “No, he is doing this for attention.   He knows everyone will rush over to help him if he coughs.”  Sure enough, as soon as I gave him some food, Geordie walked over to his bed and went to sleep.  Sadly it took me nearly a week to figure out he was playing me.

That’s my Geordie.  Too smart for my own good.




Kitty Pictures


Watercolor painting of cat

If you would like a kitty picture of your very own, (sans the Bitey Dog mark, of course) let me know!  Maybe I can help.

Click to visit the Pet Portraits section of my shop.   There you will find instructions and pricing guidelines.  I have examples given for oils and pencils, but I am finding that when I view a customer’s pet photos, sometimes a different medium seems better such as the water colors for this little kitty.

You could order a picture of your own pet, or you could present a loving tribute to a friend who has lost a beloved companion.  Whether for yourself or for a friend the gift of art is one that is always appreciated.



Kitties and Terrier Screams

Watercolor painting of cat

Image not stolen.  I made it myself!


Frantic looking Cairn terrier

The kitties!  The kitties!  Can’t you see the kitties?

This picture was taken at a Halloween party at the pet store.  For some reason they decided to stage the photos in front of the kitty adoption section.  Geordie can’t hold in his excitement when a feline is around.  As you can see, his is not a happy look but a frantic one.

Some terriers have the “terrier scream” and my boy is one of them.  It is a very human sounding noise, as if a person were yelling, “Aaaaagh!  Aaaaagh!  Aaaaaagh!” at the top of their lungs.  Trust me, you get awfully strange looks when your dog starts belting out some of those.

Even now when Geordie is a very mature pup and has lost a lot of lung capacity to cancer, he can still shout out a terrier scream loud enough to break windows.

Kitties beware.


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Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

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Casinos and Malls

Poker chips

Not my photo.  Borrowed from public domain stock.

The local newspaper had an article about half a dozen stores closing at the nearby mall.  My family went, hoping to catch some going-out-of-business deals only to find that most of the stores were already closed.  They said the mall was a sad, empty place and that they did not want to go back.

Supposedly the casino that is negotiating for space in the mall is really happy about what is going on.  I am not sure why.  When the casino had been first proposed, one goal was to bring traffic into the mall complex in order to keep retail businesses alive.  Now that two of the four anchor stores are gone, I can’t imagine that anyone will want to remain paying over-inflated rent there.  I expect the few remaining store to close soon, too.

I am glad that last year I tried to stock up on everything I could to last me the rest of my forever.  There are some items I simply do not trust to online purchases, and the local teeny-tiny Walmart doesn’t carry.

I am sad to see the days on in-person shopping gone not only for nostalgic purposes but for those who can’t afford phones for online shopping and payment.

Two Cairn terriers sitting in the grass.

My boys aren’t worried, but maybe they should be.  What happens when PetSmart is online-only?  Where will they go to catch up with friends and meet potential new siblings on Adoption Day?


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Mr. Boombalatti Hides the Evidence

Dog dish half hidden under carpet

To Toby’s great dismay, I have had to put him on a diet for Lent.  Geordie’s pickiness over food has given Toby ample opportunities to become roly-poly by eating his brother’s leftovers.  The other day I found this going on in the kitchen.  In the background, I was pretty sure I could hear Shaggy singing, “It wasn’t me…”

Dog photobombs picture with dish and toy in background

I’m telling you, it was Blue Puppy who ate all the food!

As you can see, Toby clearly blames his little blue puppy for getting into the dishes and then trying to hide the evidence under the rug.

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Lenten Diocesan Appeal

Today I am using Bitey’s blog to vent my own frustrations.  (The views here are the author’s alone.  Bitey Dog does not necessarily agree with the opinions expressed in this rant.)

The local parish decided to start their Lenten appeal by bringing in a speaker to address three reasons why everyone should give more money.  With the first reason, I could find no fault.  They discussed building repairs and maintenance.  Every building needs maintenance.  In the past several years I have seen no extravagant building expenses: no problem there.

The second point they addressed was the neighboring county where 75% of parishes closed due to parishoners “not giving enough money”, therefore we need to give more money.  What?!?  (I need a needle-on-record screeching sound.)  I am sure you are familiar with the diocese next to ours.  It has made the news many times in the past two years for sex abuse scandals.  The reason those churches closed was that parishoners’ money was used to pay lawsuits and legal fees for church leaders doing horrible, illegal things.  Don’t put the blame for closings on members for not giving enough money.

Lastly members are supposed to pay for an expensive private school in the area.  Reportedly attendance has declined by 50% over the last 30 years, yet costs are something like 4X what they used to be per student.  I know that there is a tech element that was not present 30 years ago, but surely school administrators can find a way to adjust education costs to keep them more reasonable rather than expect others to pay the bill.  Home schooling is very, very popular in this area.  It is done on a shoe string budget, but the kids come out with superior educations.  Why not learn from their example?

Cairn terrier sitting with marigolds.

I realize that this isn’t my problem and that I shouldn’t care.  I am not a member of the parish.  Whatever they choose to do with their funds and resources is their own business.  The boys and I support the church because we like to visit the outside.

So, little church, we trust that you will be well in other’s hands.  The boys and I will still pray for you.


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