Facts of Life

Guess who my favorite Facts of Life character is...Tootie! Ugh. Her real name was Dorothy.

Don’t know what’s up with my boy, but he has been prone to “back talking” lately.


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Teeny Tiny Toby’s Terrible Tuesday Temper Tantrum



…which really took place on a Monday…but I am posting about it on a Friday!

I got fortunate in that Toby decided to throw one of these fits in front of the vet.  She was taken aback at the viciousness of his outburst.  She said that this is simply what he does when he doesn’t get his way, and no one should give in to him or he will learn that this is how he gets what he wants.  The down side?  This


I was feeling happy that my little monster had largely outgrown this phase, until today.  Then ol’ crabby pants showed up again to say that he did not appreciate the hug I gave him after supper.  Looks like I had better keep the Band Aids handy.



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