Another Encounter

Hey, what happened to you? I had a run in with a yellow jacket. How does it feel.
It stings!


I saw a movie recently where Mila Kunis’ character knew she was royalty because bees never stung her. I must be the opposite of royalty.

Up in heaven, Geordie is saying, “It’s not so funny when it happens to you, is it?!?”

Sleepy Cairn terrier puppy.

This was Toby on the day he got his nose stung.

He didn’t know me well enough to trust me to take the stinger out.


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Hey mom, I'd like to help make dinner tonight.  That's nice of you!  What would you like to  make?
Sugar snap peas...
Snow peas.  I mean snow peas.

Ach, don’t use me as a prop for your terrible jokes.


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