Hey mom, I'd like to help make dinner tonight.  That's nice of you!  What would you like to  make?
Sugar snap peas...
Snow peas.  I mean snow peas.

Ach, don’t use me as a prop for your terrible jokes.


Country Fresh

For your next dinner, skip the snow peas, but do serve warm bread wrapped in this hand-stitched Chicken and Egg Bread Cloth!

Chicken and Egg Bread Cloth (and many other fine gifts) are available from my shop.


  1. On my extremely high quality monitor, made in China with child labor and the absolutely lowest cost components available, that photo of the Tobester looked like you had done an ISIS on his head and left the body in the closet. I was alarmed! Only after scrolling in at high magnification could I see the dog toy was not Toby’s noggin.

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