Toby Tells a Joke

Why did the tofu cross the road?  I don't know.  Why?

To prove that it wasn't chicken!

Grrroooaaannn, right?


If you would like to find out more of what these stinky little Cairn terriers have been up to…No, whatever you do, don’t buy a copy of Poopiter!  Don’t do it!  I am pretty sure the world will end.  Don’t even click the link, just to be safe!!!

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

Although the book is available from Amazon, I strongly suggest that you don’t tempt fate and read it.


Seated Girl with Dog Cross Stitch Pattern with Linen Fabric

Looking for a gift for Mothers’ Day?  If your mom likes the relaxing hobby of cross stitching, perhaps she would enjoy working this beautiful picture of a young woman and her beloved dog (Seated Girl with Dog).  Linen fabric is included so your Mom wouldn’t even have to wait to have it special ordered.  Just add her own floss, and she will be ready to go!

Shipping is free.

This and other fine gifts are available from my store:  Needful Things of Salem.




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