Puppies in My Ford


This shaggy fur of mine, I'll brush it all the time!

You know, you guys pee most often on the Catholic church. What do you think will happen to your souls if God catches you singing Protestant songs?

Actually, we puppies are born perfect. We don't need religion to find God like humans do.

When a puppy crosses the Rainbor Bridge, his soul goes straight to heaven!



Two dogs look out of car door.

God told the puppies,

“I want you to be barky, barky!”

‘Specially the small ones

I want you to be barky, barky!

Day and night and

twilight and afternoon



You’ll annoy.”

Oh crap. Now they've got me doing it too.


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I Got No Boots

Oh wait, yes I do!

Pair of boots sitting on grass.

I hope this picture looks decent.  I am using new photo editing, and the colors seem off on my monitor.

The first time I heard that Mini Cooper commercial, I mistakenly heard the singer say “I got no boots!”.  That prompted me to wonder if that was why she was driving all the time.  Later the song was on the radio and heard that she was really saying “I got no roots” and realized that I am now officially an old person with bad hearing.

I now got new boots because thanks to my awful beasties I wore out the soles on my last pair.  Thanks guys.  I hope that you both realize that these are sh** kickers, and they can be used to “motivate” recalcitrant pups on walks!  (JK)