Puppies in My Ford


This shaggy fur of mine, I'll brush it all the time!

You know, you guys pee most often on the Catholic church. What do you think will happen to your souls if God catches you singing Protestant songs?

Actually, we puppies are born perfect. We don't need religion to find God like humans do.

When a puppy crosses the Rainbor Bridge, his soul goes straight to heaven!



Two dogs look out of car door.

God told the puppies,

“I want you to be barky, barky!”

‘Specially the small ones

I want you to be barky, barky!

Day and night and

twilight and afternoon



You’ll annoy.”

Oh crap. Now they've got me doing it too.


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  1. One of my favorite Twilight Zone (original series) episodes is called “The Hunt”, episode 84. Have you seen it? I think it’s more of an old school nerd thing, so perhaps you haven’t.

    Anyway, an old man and his hunting dog are wandering down the road of eternity, They come to a gate, but the dog isn’t allowed in, only the man is allowed to enter. The dog doesn’t like this road at all, and the man refuses to enter without his dog. He passes up what he is told is the entrance to Heaven for the single reason that his dog isn’t welcome.
    The man and his dog keep walking down the road and find another road to enter. There’s another man sitting at the entrance to this road. Here the old man with his dog learns that the previous road was the gate to hell. The friendly man at this is entrance is an angel and he says: “You see, Mr. Simpson, a man, well, he’ll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But even the Devil can’t fool a dog.”

    I had to google the last line. I believe you can find the entire episode online somewhere. But I alway think of all my dogs like this. They are smarter, kinder and more pure of heart than I ever will be. The fact that our lives have intersected in this linear life always amazes me. And then I give my sweet girl a kiss.

    Be kind to yourself and maybe knit an arky-arky with a rainbow 🙂

    Anony-mouse and Daisy🐶

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