Should I Be Worried?

Back end of Cairn terrier sticks out from under the bed.

Yes, most likely.

Long ago, in the Before Times, I used to store things under the bed.  A.D. (After Dogs), I can only put things there that I don’t mind being chewed to bits.  Since that is pretty much nothing, I can’t imagine what Toby was doing.  Whatever it was, it was probably not good.


I saw part of a program on TV recently about evidence of alien abductions.  Just in case they are right, maybe we can get on the aliens’ good side with a friendly welcoming gift like this Alien Hand “I Love You” Pillow.

ASL Alien Hand Pillow with Galaxies

You know….just in case E.T. uses a TTY instead of a phone.

(Alien Hand Pillow is available from my store.)


Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed?

Puppy sleeping in the back of a kennel.

I had to do a double take the other day.  Geordie was sleeping near the window, and  Geordie was sleeping in his bed.  Wait, what?

While this is Geordie’s bed, the usurping Toby likes to make it his own whenever he gets the chance.  Sometimes Geordie will cry until the little one leaves.  Sometimes he gives up and sleeps outside the door.  One time he tried to paw the puppy out.

I don’t know if Toby feels safer sleeping in his big brother’s bed or if he just likes to put his stank on the blankets so that Geordie can never escape him.  Either way, it is adorable.


Teddy bear next to green and white layette set.

Looking for a St. Patty-themed gift for the new little one in your family?  Consider this green and white layette set.  Painstakingly created by hand with needles so tiny they make your hands hurt just looking at them, this layette set will be sure to keep the youngster in your life stylishly and warm during chilly times.