Mommy Is Not As Important As She Thought She Was

Tree growing although it has been knocked over.

Cross section of cut trunk.

Toby says:

Today I took Mom for a walk through the park at the end of the street, but this time we approached from the opposite direction.  From this angle, Mom could see that her selfless efforts were not the driving force that shamed the township into removing the fallen tree from the park.  No, from the top of the hill you could tell that the gas company was simply clearing the area above the buried pipeline, and the tree had been in the way.  Ha!  Boy did I have a good time laughing at her perceived self-importance.

At the same time, they were doing something to the ink vine berry weed that grows rampant along the edge of the woods.  We couldn’t tell if it had been cut or sprayed or both, but there was much less of it.  Mom has mixed emotions about that.  The weeds help to keep the hillside from washing down to the road below.  On the other hand, she is allergic to the stuff, and her face swells if she touches it.  Take that, ink vine berry weed!

In the Spring, Mom had hoped to set free in the woods a little oak tree that had sprouted in the garden (as you may remember from The Airborne Oak ).  There are now two maple saplings growing happily in the garden despite being nearly devoured by bunnies.  Mom had hoped to set them free in the woods, but with all of this recent work, it doesn’t look like that would be a safe place for them either.  It would be nice if there were a quiet area for them to grow up.  They could help mitigate some of the rain forest losses from earlier this year.

Could anyone use two baby maples?  Seriously, if you pee on them now, by the time they grow up, yours will be the highest pee in the neighborhood!

Photo of dog's chin.

Just check out how high my pee could be!


Cover of the book Dream Our World

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