After Thursday Comes Pieday!

Aagh! Gladys!

Aaagh!  Gladys!

This turned out to be a wonderful year for pumpkin pie…not so much for pumpkins.  Mwahahaha!

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

Don’t worry, Mom.  I’ll help you!

(Toby loooves pumpkin.)


Geordie Update:

Sleepy Cairn terrier after finishing his meal.

My left side looks a little funny because I have to use corn oil based eye drops, and it gets on my fur.

Geordie surprised us all again this week.  He was in such bad shape a few days ago that I thought I might have to make the type of decision for him that I didn’t want to.  It was obvious that he was sick and in pain.  Grandpa decided to get him some CBD oil to try just to see if it might help.

I gave Geordie only a quarter dose at first to make sure he didn’t have a reaction to it.  Not only didn’t he have a reaction, he demanded more oil right away.  Then he demanded food.  Then he demanded to go outside.  Then he demanded a chance to sun himself.  Wow.  Any time Geordie is bossing me around is a good day!

The woman who sold the oil said that the effects are cumulative and not to expect much right away.  This is either the second or third day that he has been taking it, and already he is demanding to go on walks.  Amazing!

Next week, I am heading out looking for some CBD oil of my own.


Join Bitey and Toby on their latest adventure.  In Dream Our World, the boys explore the world of art from a canine perspective all while enjoying a day of unsupervised fun!

Cover of the book Dream Our World

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  1. Yay Geordie! That’s great to hear. One of our fellow doggie bloggers and a good friend Monika McDonald is wise in the ways of CBD and even sells high quality product from her website which is about, inter alia, her therapy dog Sam. Checkout “Tails from the Ranch” here on WordPress. And no. I don’t get a commission dammit. 🙂

  2. CBD is a natural appetite enhancer. I carry an all organic locally produced product (Black Dog Botanicals) that works for both peeps or pups. My Elsa has epilepsy and it was recommended by the vet. On the Black Dog formula, she’s only had 3 seizures in the past 11 months (she used to have one every 6-8 weeks before). Sam gets a few drops to help his weary joints (so do I come to think of it). Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding CBD. There are a ton of products out there and not all of it is above board. 😇

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