Bitey Is Alive and Well!

Yes? Can we help you?

Bitey and the little usurper are both having a great time in the recent cold weather.  They are probably both ticked at me for not posting much for them this month.  I am working on a new book for them that is very different from the last two.  It is a great deal of fun to create, but I am afraid it keeps me away from the computer.

Also, I recently found that the site where I have my store established is forcing everyone to add the payment processor Stripe to their businesses.  I have investigated this company over several years, and I am alarmed at the business practices they engage in as well as their fees.  Of course, it is possible that I am overreacting to what I have read.  Out of curiosity, do any of my readers use Stripe?  Have you been satisfied with the service?  Just in case, I am looking into new homes for my shop in case I feel that I can no longer do business where I am.  What a pain.  Why can’t I win the Publishers’ Clearinghouse already?!?

(If you are a NTOS shopper, don’t worry, I will still be around!  My shop may change appearance if I relocate, but all the items will be there as will the same great service you have come to expect!)


Still Alive

It has been way too long since poor Bitey got to tell a story.  Don’t worry, more are on the way.  We have been working together on creating a book based on The Adventures of Bitey Dog.  Since we started the project, we have had a number of obstacles, but it appears we are getting close to publishing.  Once the book is ready, we will post a link to it here so that you can check it out if you would like.

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(This is only hopeful thinking….our grass is still dead from winter.)

Wishing you all a great week of avoiding doing your taxes!