Bitey Is Alive and Well!

Yes? Can we help you?

Bitey and the little usurper are both having a great time in the recent cold weather.  They are probably both ticked at me for not posting much for them this month.  I am working on a new book for them that is very different from the last two.  It is a great deal of fun to create, but I am afraid it keeps me away from the computer.

Also, I recently found that the site where I have my store established is forcing everyone to add the payment processor Stripe to their businesses.  I have investigated this company over several years, and I am alarmed at the business practices they engage in as well as their fees.  Of course, it is possible that I am overreacting to what I have read.  Out of curiosity, do any of my readers use Stripe?  Have you been satisfied with the service?  Just in case, I am looking into new homes for my shop in case I feel that I can no longer do business where I am.  What a pain.  Why can’t I win the Publishers’ Clearinghouse already?!?

(If you are a NTOS shopper, don’t worry, I will still be around!  My shop may change appearance if I relocate, but all the items will be there as will the same great service you have come to expect!)


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