Today is my birthday. What do you think about that? Hmmm...
Hey! Get back here! You can't do that. It's impossible! Hmmm...
Hmmm...Gimme that back!

It’s Stinky Toby’s birthday. Happy Birthday little boy!

Happy, happy birthday

From all of us to you!

And on this very special day

May all your dreams come true!

Presents on the table

And folks who give a hoot.

Now blow out your candles

And kindly please don’t toot!


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A Happy Barkday


A smiling, happy Cairn terrier wearing a party hat.

Friday was my little man’s barkday, and what a happy pup he was!

My mom had the idea to take the boys to the store to pick out presents for them to celebrate Geordie’s birthday.  The trip would be part of the present.

Geordie tells his story:

While we were good in the car, that all went out the window when we got to the store.  TSC is an agricultural business that sells supplies for all sorts of animals from bunnies to dogs to horses and cows.  At this time of year they also sell chicks and ducklings to farmers.  We could smell all of that as soon as we got to the parking lot.  Woo hoo did we pull!  Mom made us pee before we went in, and Toby did a poo.  Then we FLEW into the store dragging our humans behind us.  First thing we did was meet a puppy black lab girl. Then we found the huge pallet of 100 lb bags of dog food.  Then…then….I pooped all over the floor.  Well, I was just so excited!  We continued to do our best impressions of sled dogs as we tried to break all of the glass lawn decorations foolishly placed out where we could get to them.  (We failed).  When we got to the checkout, the cashier gave us biscuits, so I guess we weren’t too naughty.

Mommy says:  I am hoping that the ears the boys got as their presents keep them quiet so I can maybe get some work done and grab something to eat.  That will be MY part of the gift this year!


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