One Of These Things…

…is not like the others!

Ha! Now you won’t be able to get that stupid song out of your head all day.


So, how is the arm thing going? Acceptably. Over time I’ve found that if I sleep as close to sitting up as possible, I have less pain and paralysis. The catch is – as anyone who has ever had a head cold can tell you – you can’t really sleep sitting up. Perhaps if we could do as the astronauts do and sleep velcroed to a wall, life might be easier.

Whoever says sleeping sitting up is hard has never met me!


Having trouble putting your child to sleep? Perhaps the subliminal message of this Sleeping Teddy Bear and Hearts Quilt will help your little one to drift off to Dream Land. Whimsical quilt would also make a great lap blanket for someone you love. Keep a dear one warm and cozy this winter with the gift of a Handmade in America blanket.

Teddy Bears and Hearts Quilt, as well as other fine gifts, are available from my shop at L Bowman Studios.

Insanity Avoidance Kitty 4

Insanity Avoidance Kitty 4

Oops.  It didn’t work.  I’m insane.


On Tuesday, Toby will have his first wellness exam/vaccination day under new business rules.  I am a little bit disappointed because I won’t get to see how he behaves around new dogs.  I am secretly happy, though, because I won’t have to see his accusing stares as he has his nails clipped and gets jabbed by nasty needles.

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

Jabbed by what, you say? 


Cover of the book Dream Our World

Help keep small business alive.  Order a copy of Dream Our World  (from Amazon) or a piece of custom artwork from L Bowman StudiosCairn terrier puppy hold his food bowl.You don’t want Toby to have to go out with his begging bowl, do you?



Emotional Therapy Kitties

Sketch of kitty sniffing flowers

Pencil sketch of a kitty sniffing a flower.

If the kitties I draw are expressive of my emotional state then I think things are improving.  This one even has a (visible) tail!

Toby innocently stands there, wondering what mommy is looking at.

I’m still mad because you spent so much time not looking at me.

We got an early Christmas present today.  A museum has expressed an interest in carrying Dream Our World.  Yay!


Don’t miss out on all the fun.  Order your copy of Dream Our World today!  Inside, Bitey and Toby visit the MOTI – The Museum of the Imagination-  and view the world of art from a canine perspective all while enjoying a day of unsupervised fun.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

You can also see all of the logos, signage and packaging I had to create for this pretend museum.  (While I am happy to have finished the book, I still miss working on it.  We humans are crazy animals.)

Dream Our World is available at Amazon – and soon a museum!




Anger Kitty

Angry/scared gray striped kitty arches her back as a warning.

Keeping with the theme of Insanity Avoidance Kitties, I drew this little one last night.  I showed a picture of it to a friend, and she said that the kitty looks more afraid than angry.  I thought I probably drew my own feelings into the picture:  I am angry because I am afraid.

On the plus side, I am making headway with the credit card issue.  One more call (I hope), and I may have things worked out.

Dog photobombs picture with dish and toy in background

So that means I might still get biscuits for Christmas?

No.  You are naughty, and Santa knows.


Come join my boys on an adventure to the Museum of the Imagination in Dream Our World.  (No Ben Stiller here since this is not the Smithsonian.)  Inside, they look at the world of art from a canine point of view and completely ignore all the advice Mom gave them about good manners.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.


My website should be up and working if you would like to consider having a pet portrait done.  Stop by and see some samples of my work!  L Bowman Studios

My Insanity Avoidance Cat

Pencil sketch of hairless cat.

So far this month, I have had two businesses screw up orders/renewals which have resulted in my credit card statement being so huge that not only I want to throw up but it wants to throw up as well.  So far the attitude of each business has been to pretend not to understand what I am complaining about when I contact them.  I have terrible social anxiety, and I find it difficult enough to do this kind of work let alone have to do it over and over and over.

To try to keep myself away from my non-Japanese toilet thanks to anxiety stomach cramps, I decided to draw a kitty.  An oddly-colored, hairless kitty.  It may be one of the more unusual pieces I have done, but it did the trick of temporarily taking my mind off my woes.

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

These financial issues aren’t going to cut into my biscuit budget, are they? 

Sorry buddy, they just might.

Oh yes, and on top of screwing up my billing, my web hosting company somehow managed to disconnected my domain from my site.  If you were trying to reach me and couldn’t, you should be able to now.  Grrrr…..


To escape to a wonderful dream world, pick up a copy of Dream Our World.  Inside Bitey and Toby visit the MOTI and view the world of art from a canine perspective.  Nowhere inside is there a single financial woe.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.

Kitties and Terrier Screams

Watercolor painting of cat

Image not stolen.  I made it myself!


Frantic looking Cairn terrier

The kitties!  The kitties!  Can’t you see the kitties?

This picture was taken at a Halloween party at the pet store.  For some reason they decided to stage the photos in front of the kitty adoption section.  Geordie can’t hold in his excitement when a feline is around.  As you can see, his is not a happy look but a frantic one.

Some terriers have the “terrier scream” and my boy is one of them.  It is a very human sounding noise, as if a person were yelling, “Aaaaagh!  Aaaaagh!  Aaaaaagh!” at the top of their lungs.  Trust me, you get awfully strange looks when your dog starts belting out some of those.

Even now when Geordie is a very mature pup and has lost a lot of lung capacity to cancer, he can still shout out a terrier scream loud enough to break windows.

Kitties beware.


Don’t forget to pick up a copy of Poopiter!  It tells the illustrated story of Bitey and Toby’s first year together.  (You’ll want to catch up on things before their next book is published.)

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

Poopiter is available from Amazon.