Insanity Avoidance Kitty 4

Insanity Avoidance Kitty 4

Oops.  It didn’t work.  I’m insane.


On Tuesday, Toby will have his first wellness exam/vaccination day under new business rules.  I am a little bit disappointed because I won’t get to see how he behaves around new dogs.  I am secretly happy, though, because I won’t have to see his accusing stares as he has his nails clipped and gets jabbed by nasty needles.

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

Jabbed by what, you say? 


Cover of the book Dream Our World

Help keep small business alive.  Order a copy of Dream Our World  (from Amazon) or a piece of custom artwork from L Bowman StudiosCairn terrier puppy hold his food bowl.You don’t want Toby to have to go out with his begging bowl, do you?




  1. Pssst Toby….since Mom can’t come with you and watch, you are free to create the narrative about your vet visit. The excruciating pain, your incredible endurance, that never flagging positive spirit…all of which deserve ample compensation along with an extra bonus for parental abandonment during a health crisis. I doubt Mom can ever fully repay you but let her have a chance to make amends.

  2. My mom and I wish Toby well on Tuesday!
    Over the weekend my Mom bathed me, trimmed my nails, and cut my “bangs”. I am still a shaggy dog, but we aren’t going out to the groomers again for awhile.
    I think I look like some Human-Bean-kids look in school photos after their mom cut their bangs! 😮
    I like your mom’s kitty drawing. I like kitties.
    Paw-Five and ❤ , Stay safe and well,
    Cooper 🐶
    PS…we're all a bit more insaner these days.
    PPS…or PSS…we are still trying to live life with abandon**…just doing it indoors, in the backyard, on late night walks, etc. 🙂

    **Living life with abandon doesn't mean living recklessly but rather deciding that no matter what comes your way you are going to enjoy everything and you are going to make the best of what is going on around you.

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