My Insanity Avoidance Cat

Pencil sketch of hairless cat.

So far this month, I have had two businesses screw up orders/renewals which have resulted in my credit card statement being so huge that not only I want to throw up but it wants to throw up as well.  So far the attitude of each business has been to pretend not to understand what I am complaining about when I contact them.  I have terrible social anxiety, and I find it difficult enough to do this kind of work let alone have to do it over and over and over.

To try to keep myself away from my non-Japanese toilet thanks to anxiety stomach cramps, I decided to draw a kitty.  An oddly-colored, hairless kitty.  It may be one of the more unusual pieces I have done, but it did the trick of temporarily taking my mind off my woes.

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

These financial issues aren’t going to cut into my biscuit budget, are they? 

Sorry buddy, they just might.

Oh yes, and on top of screwing up my billing, my web hosting company somehow managed to disconnected my domain from my site.  If you were trying to reach me and couldn’t, you should be able to now.  Grrrr…..


To escape to a wonderful dream world, pick up a copy of Dream Our World.  Inside Bitey and Toby visit the MOTI and view the world of art from a canine perspective.  Nowhere inside is there a single financial woe.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.


  1. Whoah! Helter Skelter Cat. That thing will give me nightmares. It’s face projects a seething bubbling pot of pissed-off. A look that can only be achieved after interaction with caring, hard working members of our great service economy who are usually based in Bangladesh but go by “Steve” and “Nancy.” Protip Toby: sleep in another room tonight. Lock the door. Ignore the screams.

  2. I find your cat beautiful! And his/her expression speaks loudly!
    Ha! It would be a fun drawing to caption!

    I’m so sorry to hear about your business woes. 😦 That is so frustrating and troubling to go through. 😦

    I hope Santa Claus brings Toby a years supply of biscuits! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…My doggie, Cooper, wrote my blog-post for me this week and posted it yesterday! 😉 😛

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