Anger Kitty

Angry/scared gray striped kitty arches her back as a warning.

Keeping with the theme of Insanity Avoidance Kitties, I drew this little one last night.  I showed a picture of it to a friend, and she said that the kitty looks more afraid than angry.  I thought I probably drew my own feelings into the picture:  I am angry because I am afraid.

On the plus side, I am making headway with the credit card issue.  One more call (I hope), and I may have things worked out.

Dog photobombs picture with dish and toy in background

So that means I might still get biscuits for Christmas?

No.  You are naughty, and Santa knows.


Come join my boys on an adventure to the Museum of the Imagination in Dream Our World.  (No Ben Stiller here since this is not the Smithsonian.)  Inside, they look at the world of art from a canine point of view and completely ignore all the advice Mom gave them about good manners.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is available from Amazon.


My website should be up and working if you would like to consider having a pet portrait done.  Stop by and see some samples of my work!  L Bowman Studios


  1. What a beautiful drawing!
    Your kitty looks irate to me. Grr!
    Glad you are making some headway…continued bestest wishes that it will all get worked out!
    PS….Coop was good this year, so he said if he gets biscuits from Santa he will share them with Toby!

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