One Of These Things…

…is not like the others!

Ha! Now you won’t be able to get that stupid song out of your head all day.


So, how is the arm thing going? Acceptably. Over time I’ve found that if I sleep as close to sitting up as possible, I have less pain and paralysis. The catch is – as anyone who has ever had a head cold can tell you – you can’t really sleep sitting up. Perhaps if we could do as the astronauts do and sleep velcroed to a wall, life might be easier.

Whoever says sleeping sitting up is hard has never met me!


Having trouble putting your child to sleep? Perhaps the subliminal message of this Sleeping Teddy Bear and Hearts Quilt will help your little one to drift off to Dream Land. Whimsical quilt would also make a great lap blanket for someone you love. Keep a dear one warm and cozy this winter with the gift of a Handmade in America blanket.

Teddy Bears and Hearts Quilt, as well as other fine gifts, are available from my shop at L Bowman Studios.


For whatever reason or combination of reasons, I am completely blocked creatively. I can’t draw. I can’t paint. I can’t focus my thoughts at all. A friend suggested that I try doing little 15 minute sketches each day to try to recover. Even these are miserable to try to do. I feel like I’ve had far too much caffeine and can barely sit still.

Perhaps you can find one of your babies here, sacrificed for my need for source photos. I apologize for not being able to capture their true natures. I’m trying, though. I’m really trying.

At least she didn’t draw you looking like a teddy bear!


It’s hard to believe but a lot of schools are starting back to class already. Make sure your student stands out in one of these fine offerings. There are shirts, sweaters, ties and vests for the young man or young lady who wants to show they are serious about their future success.

All these and more are available from my shop at L Bowman Studios.

Emotional Therapy Kitties

Sketch of kitty sniffing flowers

Pencil sketch of a kitty sniffing a flower.

If the kitties I draw are expressive of my emotional state then I think things are improving.  This one even has a (visible) tail!

Toby innocently stands there, wondering what mommy is looking at.

I’m still mad because you spent so much time not looking at me.

We got an early Christmas present today.  A museum has expressed an interest in carrying Dream Our World.  Yay!


Don’t miss out on all the fun.  Order your copy of Dream Our World today!  Inside, Bitey and Toby visit the MOTI – The Museum of the Imagination-  and view the world of art from a canine perspective all while enjoying a day of unsupervised fun.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

You can also see all of the logos, signage and packaging I had to create for this pretend museum.  (While I am happy to have finished the book, I still miss working on it.  We humans are crazy animals.)

Dream Our World is available at Amazon – and soon a museum!