You have tendonitis? How did that happen? It's a great mystery. I guess we'll never know.

Yes. A great mystery. I guess we’ll never know.

(Terriers may look all little and cute, but they weight as much as a cinder block.)

I have no idea what you’re talking about.



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Sac de Chien

Cairn terrier puppy wearing green sweater yawns as he plays with boring toilet paper.

Playing with TP

is so very lame.

Each boring white square

is always the same.

If you want a toy

that is totally “bien”

Then the toy that you want

is the sac de chien!

Two doggie waste bags.

Blue ones for puppy boys.

Pink ones for girls.

Just pull the loose end

till the whole roll unfurls!

The dog with these bags

strung like long strands of pearls

Is the luckiest pup in the

entire world!

Cairn terrier puppy with green sweater runs while pulling poop bags behind him.