Those Dreaded “T” Words

Picture of a tick, a check mark and a watch

After a walk through a field with Toby, I checked my puppy to make sure he had no fur hitchhikers.  That afternoon, just to be safe, I checked him again.  In case there might be any late biters, that evening I checked him again.

I have to say that by the end of the day, he was really ticked with me.

Don't worry, Mom. I'll help.

For heaven’s sake, quit using me as a prop in your lame stories.


Toby, like most pets, is loving this lock down….his grandparents, not so much.  So far, they have had their water filter break, the microwave break and a drain back up.

On top of these things, they are seriously not liking the new mask rules.  My Mom is severely claustrophobic and won’t go anywhere they are required.  Both of my parents are hard of hearing (age related).  Not only are they having trouble hearing people, they can’t lip read with everyone’s faces covered.

What a strange world we find ourselves in.


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Cover of the book Dream Our World

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  1. The only time Max had a tick was on a trip to the Rogue River area in Oregon one summer. With white hair and pink skin, the tick had no place to hide and surrendered himself quietly and without a fight. Sounds like your folks should just move in with you & Toby. I’ll give them a call and make that suggestion. 👿

  2. I hate ticks. They are an evil sent by Satan with no purpose other than to be evil.
    I don’t know where you live but here, if a person has a medical reason for not wearing a mask, they can’t be forced to wear one – and they don’t have to prove that reason. I think your parents qualify. My glasses fog over completely with one on, so I tend to keep it under my nose unless I’m talking with someone.

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