Conversation Hearts

Box of tiny conversation hearts

For years these little candies have been a staple of Valentines Day.  (Made, as some say, of ear wax and chalk.)  My Dad decided that he wanted to get some for my Mom as sort of a joke since she doesn’t like them but he does.  Imagine our surprise when no one could find these little hearts at the store.   I guess couples these days prefer candies that actually taste good as opposed to ones that spark conversations.

Tiny box of conversation hearts.

OK, so I did finally find some for the Fogies to share.  What shocked me was the teeny, tiny size of the box.  I could hear maybe 8 candies rattling around inside.  For shame, Brachs.

My boys, on the other paw, were pretty creative with their gifts.  Geordie wrote one of his special messages for me.  This was the closest he has ever come to saying that he likes me.

Heart shaped poo

I kid you not: it was shaped like a heart.

Poo shaped like the Chinese character for "fire"

Toby’s was the Chinese word for “fire”.  (Perhaps he has a more ardent personality than I give him credit.)

So, if you have ever wondered what the most romantic day in the year is like in Bitey’s world, this is it.

To everyone, we wish you a Yappy Valentine’s Day!





Chocolate Mouse and Other Posterior Epistles

If you’ve known my boys for any length of time, you know that they are very communicative – from both ends.  It is easier to read their missives in the Winter because snow gives them a fresh, clean canvas on which to write.

Toby started our week with a perfect capital “W”.  In real life, it was much nicer and looked something like Times New Roman.  I played around with Photo Shop to try to create one, but mine looks more like caramel or butterscotch.

Chocolate W

Geordie was next with a cry for help.  At least the Photo Shopped version looks a bit more like chocolate.

Chocolate 911

Toby’s latest creation looked like this .  I am just hoping that Michael Eisner never finds out.

Chocolate mouse


To read more of my pups’ unusual lives, pick up a copy of Poopiter.  (In it, you can read their story, The Lao of Poo.)

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER