Electric Mustard Mulch Puke

Electric mustard colored fungus growing in wood mulch

Bright yellow fungus growing in wood mulch

That is the scientific name for this stuff,  isn’t it?

This is the latest addition to the list of things I need to keep Toby from eating.  So far he has been pretty good about it, but he does keep trying to eat the mulch.  I worry that this might happen again:

Bright red mushrooms

Sketch of brown mushrooms


Psychedelic Pup


Blecch...This is not the "trip" they promised in the brochure!

Bored terrier lies next to his tennis ball.

Why do you keep picking on me?  I’ve been good lately.


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Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

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Sign of the Times


Beware! Guard Cairn Terrier On Duty

For some reason, this makes me laugh.

(This was the work of the little one.)


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Bitey and his new usurping little brother will soon be starring in the illustrated Poopiter.  I made some corrections to the manuscript this morning and sent it off this afternoon.  If the proof comes back OK, it will be ready for publishing possibly this week.  Stop by often for updates on the book’s progress!