It’s Shoe-Cleaning Time!

Some may know this time of year as Blueberry Season.

Toby taught me not to wear felt-bottomed shoes when I go blueberry picking. That day, he would not let me move until he had cleared every drop of juice from my poor tennies.

There is at least another bucket of berries waiting to be picked and turned into pies. Tomorrow I plan to help them with their collective wish.

OK, the blue I understand. We've been eating blueberries. But what about the yellow?

What? I like to keep things interesting!

It Almost Happened Again

It was hard enough to believe the first time, then today it nearly happened again.

Last year Toby found a newly fledged bird on the ground. He was so startled that his eyes grew wide and his mouth fell open. The bird was startled as well and tried to fly, and he did…right into Toby’s mouth. Toby coughed out the bird, but unfortunately it died. (These were some rough sketches I did to remember the day.)

Today I opened the front door only to have a little bird come in and once again try to fly into Toby’s mouth. In his mind, catching birds must be the easiest thing in the world.

I must have chased that little bird for half an hour trying to get it to go outside. When it first came in it could only hop. By the end, it was starting to fly in earnest.

When I went to prop open the door to shoo the baby bird out, I found this.

A sibling waiting to come in and join the fun.


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Blue and Yellow

Based on actual events.

Dog:  OK, the blue I understand. We've been eating blueberries. But what about the yellow?  
Woman:  Toby ate a banana peel.

Dog:  A banana peel? So what did you think of it?
I wouldn't kick it out of bed for eating kibble!

Guess how I found out Toby could jump high enough to reach the counter?


On the recommendation of our dear friend Max, I did check out the AKC’s Museum of the Dog. Oh my gosh, I had no idea such a place existed! It is located in New York City, but I think there should be branches in cities all over the world.

Unfortunately I missed the deadline for submitting a work to be considered for their Dog Days of Summer exhibit which started yesterday. I doubt I would have been chosen, but it would have been a hoot to try. Instead I have been trying to contact the museum to see if a book about a couple of familiar terriers might be a good fit with their gift shop. So far just voice mail messages and email forms but no replies. Toby says he is very much interested in getting into this museum so he can play like Ben Stiller when everyone goes home.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

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Electric Mustard Mulch Puke

Electric mustard colored fungus growing in wood mulch

Bright yellow fungus growing in wood mulch

That is the scientific name for this stuff,  isn’t it?

This is the latest addition to the list of things I need to keep Toby from eating.  So far he has been pretty good about it, but he does keep trying to eat the mulch.  I worry that this might happen again:

Bright red mushrooms

Sketch of brown mushrooms


Psychedelic Pup


Blecch...This is not the "trip" they promised in the brochure!

Bored terrier lies next to his tennis ball.

Why do you keep picking on me?  I’ve been good lately.


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Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER

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Another Friday in Lent


Baked beans again?!? Do you want to go to hell?

I think going to hell for Lent is going to be my new tradition.

For some reason, I can’t seem to keep my days straight at this time of year.  I screw up every Friday.   I am sure the people at church would gladly cluck their tongues and say “Don’t you love God enough to fast a mere one day per week?”  As I recall, though, Christ came to walk among us and hung around with those whose faults were most offensive to other humans.

What could be more offensive than a fondness for beans?


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The Dog Ate Your Homework


Little Cairn Terrier chews a piece of paper.

I think Toby may have just won the Naughtiest Dog award for the month.

Over the holiday, family was visiting from out of town.  My SIL is a primary school teacher and brought some papers to grade over on her Christmas break.  As she was going over the children’s work, Toby decided to help himself to some papers to chew on and play “run around the house”.  I told my SIL to tell the children that reindeer had gotten to their homework.  Instead she took a photo of my naughty puppy caught red-tounged with papers in his mouth to show the students that the dog ate their homework!  (That excuse doesn’t work for kids, but for some reason it does for teachers.)

I’m still not sure how, but Toby got toys and treats from Santa.  He must have a very high tolerance for bad behavior in canines.



Sign of the Times


Beware! Guard Cairn Terrier On Duty

For some reason, this makes me laugh.

(This was the work of the little one.)


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Bitey and his new usurping little brother will soon be starring in the illustrated Poopiter.  I made some corrections to the manuscript this morning and sent it off this afternoon.  If the proof comes back OK, it will be ready for publishing possibly this week.  Stop by often for updates on the book’s progress!