It Almost Happened Again

It was hard enough to believe the first time, then today it nearly happened again.

Last year Toby found a newly fledged bird on the ground. He was so startled that his eyes grew wide and his mouth fell open. The bird was startled as well and tried to fly, and he did…right into Toby’s mouth. Toby coughed out the bird, but unfortunately it died. (These were some rough sketches I did to remember the day.)

Today I opened the front door only to have a little bird come in and once again try to fly into Toby’s mouth. In his mind, catching birds must be the easiest thing in the world.

I must have chased that little bird for half an hour trying to get it to go outside. When it first came in it could only hop. By the end, it was starting to fly in earnest.

When I went to prop open the door to shoo the baby bird out, I found this.

A sibling waiting to come in and join the fun.


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Toby Catches Something

Wow, these snowflakes are so beautiful!

I wish I could show them to mommy. I bet she would like them.

Gee, Toby, what's this? It's a snowflake bouquet!

Snowflake bouquets taste almost as good as the regular ones!


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The Great Roundup

Several people chase a puppy who has escaped her yard.

We had a bit of excitement in the neighborhood today.   One of the local dogs decided to go on a walkabout.  We suspect she was heading to a neighbor’s house to look for her boys, not realizing they were still in school.

In all there were five of us trying to lure the little pup to safety.  Cars stopped in the street.  People ran home to grab treats and leashes.  What was scary was that this particular pup likes to hide underneath cars.  We were so worried that she would get into serious trouble.

After she was caught, I was nominated to walk the dog home.  Her family’s door was closed, and when I rang the bell, the pup couldn’t help herself and howled at the doorbell.  Ha!

(So what if I haven’t got my camera to work yet.  Stick figures can be just as fun!)


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