What Passes for a Compliment These Days

Hey, your face doesn't look too bad today. Thanks

Actual conversation with my neighbor.

Box artistically distressed by Toby.

I used to have to count exclusively on these guys to work as my tears. Today I found a new way. Since I was by myself, I decided to sing along with Happy Together on the radio and burst into terrible wracking sobs. Either my horrible singing hurts even my own ears, or my body is coming up with creative ways to cope with not being able to cry. Either way, got to skip using eye drops this afternoon.

Just don’t cry on me. I hate damp fur.


I heard that retailers are looking to start the Christmas shopping season tomorrow. In case you are hoping to get a super early jump on the holidays, come to my shop where you can pamper yourself with handmade luxury.

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Real Disease / Stupid Name

I just got back from the doctor.  It turns our I have a real disease, but it has a stupid name. Really?  What is it?
Chronic Dry Eye.  Yeah, I wouldn't tell anyone.

I know. Nearly every person in the country suffers from Chronic Dry Eye. Somehow I managed to get such a whopping bad case of it that I had to go to the doctor on Monday. The assistant winced when she looked at me. Her comment was that it is easy to forget how painful and debilitating this condition can be.

Now I am on a two week course of steroids. I was curious if steroid drops would make you hungry like pills can do. I’m gonna say “yes”. Yes, its the steroids and not boredom or social isolation.

Actually Mom, I am hungry even more often than you.

On one paw, Toby hasn’t minded me eating more often because he gets to screen my meals for content. On the other paw, he is ticked that the goop I have to put in my eyes means that sometimes I can’t see him clearly and step on the fur of his tail.

Young cairn terrier looking over his shoulder.

You expect me to believe that is by accident?

Despite what you claim, I do not blend in with the carpet!!


Well, my boys are en route to New York where they will get to sniff and play in another museum. The director has agreed to look at the book to see if it might be suitable for their gift shop or one of their special programs.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

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The Great Roundup

Several people chase a puppy who has escaped her yard.

We had a bit of excitement in the neighborhood today.   One of the local dogs decided to go on a walkabout.  We suspect she was heading to a neighbor’s house to look for her boys, not realizing they were still in school.

In all there were five of us trying to lure the little pup to safety.  Cars stopped in the street.  People ran home to grab treats and leashes.  What was scary was that this particular pup likes to hide underneath cars.  We were so worried that she would get into serious trouble.

After she was caught, I was nominated to walk the dog home.  Her family’s door was closed, and when I rang the bell, the pup couldn’t help herself and howled at the doorbell.  Ha!

(So what if I haven’t got my camera to work yet.  Stick figures can be just as fun!)


For some non-stick-figure fun, pick up a copy of Dream Our World.  In it, Bitey and Toby visit the museum of their dreams.

Cover of the book Dream Our World