Real Disease / Stupid Name

I just got back from the doctor.  It turns our I have a real disease, but it has a stupid name. Really?  What is it?
Chronic Dry Eye.  Yeah, I wouldn't tell anyone.

I know. Nearly every person in the country suffers from Chronic Dry Eye. Somehow I managed to get such a whopping bad case of it that I had to go to the doctor on Monday. The assistant winced when she looked at me. Her comment was that it is easy to forget how painful and debilitating this condition can be.

Now I am on a two week course of steroids. I was curious if steroid drops would make you hungry like pills can do. I’m gonna say “yes”. Yes, its the steroids and not boredom or social isolation.

Actually Mom, I am hungry even more often than you.

On one paw, Toby hasn’t minded me eating more often because he gets to screen my meals for content. On the other paw, he is ticked that the goop I have to put in my eyes means that sometimes I can’t see him clearly and step on the fur of his tail.

Young cairn terrier looking over his shoulder.

You expect me to believe that is by accident?

Despite what you claim, I do not blend in with the carpet!!


Well, my boys are en route to New York where they will get to sniff and play in another museum. The director has agreed to look at the book to see if it might be suitable for their gift shop or one of their special programs.

Cover of the book Dream Our World

Dream Our World is available from my store and at Amazon.


      • Yup. I was on erythromycin ointment for awhile which I hated and it didn’t seem to do any good. The routine that finally seemed to help most is apply Refresh Advantage eyedrops 4x/day like clockwork, 5 minutes of a warm compress each night and one drop of the Genteal Tears Gel before sleep. The brands were important – I tried cheaper ones with no joy. I did not do steroids because I already strongly resemble The Rock (albeit a little older) and didn’t want to bulk up. You will probably get huge biceps after taking steroids but you can use them to keep Toby in his place.

        • Ooh, Mr. Johnson, I’m a big fan!

          I look forward to finally being able to lift a Volkswagen. It should help me get some great jobs.

          The doctor was talking about prescriptions or using tear duct plugs, but I am planning to try maintenance with OTC drops like you are. I got a free sample of Thera Tears, and I am impressed with them.

  1. Glad to hear an update…been thinking about you and hoping you got some good help from the doc!!! Hoping your eyes heal soon!

    You’re right…that is a dumb name…maybe we could think of a better one…I asked Coops and he said, “How about Parched Peepers Problem?!?” Hmm…he’s either partial to p-words or he’s thinking it’s time go outside and do his duty! 😉

    Coop is a very similar color to Toby and he does blend in with our tan carpet! Ha! 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. I had to go to the eye doctor lady one day because my eyes were being weird – she said they were so dry that the stuff they put in to see what’s going on didn’t even spread around like it should. Well ain’t that grand? AND she said I couldn’t drive till I asked her if she was giving me a ride home. It was a fun couple of weeks, I was actually grounded because it was that bad. I feel your pain but the drops do help. Also, steroids make you pee a lot. Just so you know.

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