First Week Memories

These memories are for when I look back and try to recall what Toby did at which stages of development.

During his first week….

100_1880 (800x600)

I had to add water to Toby’s kibble because he was too little to eat the chunks when they were dry.

Furcut 1

Toby didn’t know how to shake.  First he would shake the back end, then the front end.  He didn’t know how to shake them together to properly fluff his fur.


At first, Toby was too tiny to make the first step out of the front door, so I would carry him.  One time, I was carrying him inside my coat for the five steps from the front door to the snow when he just conked out.   I couldn’t bring myself to wake him, so I just stood there with the puppy tucked in my coat. Toby was too tiny to see, and as people drove past, they gave me the strangest looks.  (“Look at the odd woman standing in the yard looking at her coat!”)

Geordie wasn’t a happy camper because he had to wait inside.