Chocolate Mouse and Other Posterior Epistles

If you’ve known my boys for any length of time, you know that they are very communicative – from both ends.  It is easier to read their missives in the Winter because snow gives them a fresh, clean canvas on which to write.

Toby started our week with a perfect capital “W”.  In real life, it was much nicer and looked something like Times New Roman.  I played around with Photo Shop to try to create one, but mine looks more like caramel or butterscotch.

Chocolate W

Geordie was next with a cry for help.  At least the Photo Shopped version looks a bit more like chocolate.

Chocolate 911

Toby’s latest creation looked like this .  I am just hoping that Michael Eisner never finds out.

Chocolate mouse


To read more of my pups’ unusual lives, pick up a copy of Poopiter.  (In it, you can read their story, The Lao of Poo.)

Bitey Dog and Toby in POOPITER



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